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Flared trousers - Items - Zybez Runescape

Flared trousers

Credits: Netforce; Rash; Shifter21
Tradable Yes
Stackable No
Equipable Yes
Store Sell Price 800gp
Price Change: 1 Month: 0%
3 Month: 0%
6 Month: 0%
Members Only
BBCode Link
Flared trousers
Obtained From: Treasure Trails; Players
Examine: These'll help me stay alive.
Notes: This can be obtained as a reward from completing a Treasure Trail of a level 1 clue. Whilst wearing these, you can choose the Dance emote, and you will find yourself doing slightly better dance moves than the normal emote. Flared trousers can be stored in your player owned house if you have an oak or better treasure chest.

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