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Fighter torso - Items - Zybez Runescape

Fighter torso

Credits: Kod Flame; Netforce; Molson; Darkorc2323; iBadgerow
Tradable No
Stackable No
Equipable Yes
Weight 4kg
Low Alchemy 8,000gp
High Alchemy 12,000gp
Members Only
BBCode Link
Fighter torso
Requires: 40 Defence
Stab Def+66Slash Def+85
Crush Def+62Magic Atk-30
Magic Def-6Range Def+67
Summon Def+40Strength+4
Melee Absorb+3%Ranged Absorb+6%
Obtained From: Commander Connad; Barbarian Assault Minigame
Examine: Penance fighter torso armour.
Notes: You must kill the Penance Queen and have 375 attacker, healer, defender and collector points from Barbarian Assault to purchase a Fighter torso. If lost on death you can retrieve it at your grave. The Fighter Torso is a cheap alternative to the Bandos Chestplate, since it gives the same Strength bonus but has the defence bonus of a rune platebody. For more information please refer to our Barbarian Assault Mini Game guide.

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