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Torags hammers 0

Credits: Zug313
Tradable Yes
Stackable No
Equipable No
Weight 3kg
Low Alchemy 64,000gp
High Alchemy 96,000gp
Store Sell Price 64,000gp
Price Change: 1 Month: 0%
3 Month: 0%
6 Month: 0%
Members Only
BBCode Link
Torags hammers 0
Requires: 70 Attack
Obtained From: Letting the barrow item fully degrade.
Examine: Torag the Corrupted's twin hammers.
Notes: There are three ways of getting this item. Using your item until you let it reach 0, if someone gets killed while having a barrows item on them, they will drop it at 0 (no matter what repair it was in when they had it, it will drop to 0), and willingly dropping it from your inventory will restore it to 0. To get these repaired, you will need to go to Bob the axe seller in lumbridge and he will repair it to full for 100k. It can also be repaired on Void Knight outpost or in a Player Owned Workshop. For more information on how to get these items, please visit our barrows mini-game guide.

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