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Swamp titan pouch

Credits: Tanya;
Tradable Yes
Stackable No
Equipable No
Low Alchemy 1,669gp
High Alchemy 2,504gp
Store Sell Price 1,669gp
Price Change: 1 Month: 0%
3 Month: 0%
6 Month: 0%
Members Only
BBCode Link
Swamp titan pouch
Requires: 85 Summoning
Obtained From: Using an empty pouch with 150 spirit shards, crimson charm and swamp lizard in your inventory on an obelisk.
Examine: I can summon a swamp titan familiar with this.
Notes: Making this pouch will give you 373.6xp. When summoned the level 152 titan can fight for you and provides you with Attack xp. You can turn the pouch into 10 Swamp Plague scrolls by clicking on an obelisk with the pouch in your inventory, selecting the second tab and choosing to make Swamp Plague scrolls.

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