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Muddy key

Credits: Ben_Goten78; Myst
Tradable Yes
Stackable No
Equipable No
High Alchemy 1gp
Price Change: 1 Month: 0%
3 Month: 0%
6 Month: 0%
For All Players
BBCode Link
Muddy key
Obtained From: Chaos dwarf drops; Chaos dwogre drops; Players
Examine: It looks like the key to a chest.
Notes: Opens the chest in the center of the Lava Maze Dungeon to give you a reward of 1 (or rarely 2) random item(s). The possible rewards are 50 coins, 1 mithril bar, 1 mithril dagger, 1 anchovy pizza, 1 uncut ruby, 10 chaos runes, 2 death runes, and 2 law runes.

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