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Wicked Hood

Credits: Content Team
Tradable No
Stackable No
Equipable Yes
Members Only
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Wicked Hood
Magic Atk+3Magic Def+3
Obtained From: Tam McGrubor
Retrieve From: Tam McGrubor or Runespan shop
Examine: A menacing, magical hood which conjures runes and rune essence.

After reaching level 5 in either Magic or Runecrafting, members can obtain the Wicked hood from Tam McGrubor in the north-east of Burthorpe by the Agility course.

The Wicked Hood has four abilities that can be activated using the "Activate" option:

  • Consume Talisman allows the player to use any talisman (or tiara) on the Hood, which then allows the Hood to be used in place of that talisman. Only one of each talisman type can be used on the Hood. Using an Omni-talisman or Elemental talisman will count as one of each talisman they work in place of, for example the Elemental talisman would count for all the Elemental talismans like fire, water etc.
  • Make Runes allows the player to receive 100 free-to-play or 5 member runes of one type per day. You can only receive runes of a talisman type that your Wicked Hood has consumed.
  • Make Essence allows the player to receive 25 rune essence 4 times per day. If the Wicked Hood has consumed an omni-talisman, then pure essence will be received. The essence is produced unnoted in your inventory.
  • Teleport allows the player to teleport to an altar of a talisman that the Hood has consumed twice per day.

If you lose your Hood, you can obtain another from Tam McGrubor, but you may only have at a time. The Hood does not drop on death.

The hood can also be purchased from the Runespan shop for 175 points. It is part of the Wicked costume set consisting of: Wicked hood, Wicked cape, Wicked robe top, and Wicked legs. Each piece of the costume enhances the effects of the hood.

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