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TokHaar-Kal - Items - Zybez Runescape


Credits: Divine Noob
Tradable No
Stackable No
Equipable Yes
Weight 1kg
Low Alchemy 40,000gp
High Alchemy 60,000gp
Members Only
BBCode Link
Stab Atk+3Stab Def+12
Slash Atk+3Slash Def+12
Crush Atk+3Crush Def+12
Magic Atk+3Magic Def+12
Range Atk+3Range Def+12
Summon Def+12Strength+8
Obtained From: Fight Kiln minigame
Examine: A cape made of ancient, enchanted obsidian.

Obtained by completing all 37 waves of the Fight Kiln minigame and defeating the Har Aken.

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