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What do you hate about Dungeoneering?Edit This Entity

I hate how we have to stand around shouting, "Need f19!", "hosting f1-f20 rush!" and then quickly try and right-click the invite before it rushes past on the chat box. Rather than standing around and shouting, wouldn't it be better if we were actually Dungeoneering and gaining XP? So, I suggest creating a lobby like Arcanists on FunOrb where people select the options, and then sit back and wait for the system to match them up with other people that selected the same options. An invite button will allow the host to type in anybody's name to invite them, much like the way you invite people to play games with you on Xbox.

Another thing that really annoys me is when people leave, it becomes impossible to solve the dungeon in most cases. The dungeon should dynamically update when somebody leaves. I don't have 105 woodcutting and the guy that had 99 woodcutting and the guy that had the Herblore level to make the potion for it are gone. Why am I then stuck with a level 105 woodcutting door?

Finally, I'd get rid of the complicated prestige and resetting system and replace it with a simpler newb-friendly system. You do Dungeoneering, you level up. Simple.

So, what do you dislike about Dungeoneering? What would you change?

(I asked this same question before, and now want to see if people think differently.)

Posted by w13 on 2/21/2011 9:45:56 PM

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