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RuneScape can never have enough capes. Bryan suggested the idea for Seniority Capes on our Suggestions forum and now his dream is about to become a reality with RuneScape's upcoming cape update:

  • Veteran cape - a cape that any player can wear if their account is more than 5 years old. Next year there'll be a Veteran's cape for accounts older than 10 years.
  • Classic cape - a cape any player can wear if they have visited RuneScape Classic
  • The cape of 10s - a range of nine different capes that a players can wear when they have reached a multiple of ten or above in all skills (for example, a player who wants to wear the ‘40 cape’ would have to have a minimum of level 40 in all current skills)
  • Uber cape - a cape that can only be worn if you can wear the max cape, have 120 Dungeoneering, have gained all possible Quest Points, have completed all Tasks, and have unlocked all music tracks!

We don't know what the new capes will look like (hence the Superman picture above), because Jagex is going to be holding a poll asking players to select a design (at least for the Veteran cape). The poll should go online tomorrow. As for the the time-frame, we have no idea when the new capes will make their debut in RuneScape, but it won't be for a couple of months at least.

I think the Veteran cape should have teleports, so I can wear it instead of my Ardougne Cloak, some bonus stats so it's actually useful during training. The Classic cape sounds a bit redundant to me because somebody with a Veteran cape has obviously played Classic. The Uber cape better have an emote that's at least twice as good as the 120 Dungeoneering cape.


Posted by w13 on 3/17/2011 6:24:53 PM

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