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Current version (Left). Future HTML5 version (Right)

Mark Gerhard, RuneScape CEO, released a news post mentioning an upcoming RuneScape graphics engine that runs off HTML5 instead of Java. He also mentions that RuneScape will be available on tablets and other devices, which is in-line with an HTML5-based interface. This is pretty big news as now RuneScape won't require Java plugin being installed on the browser as it does now which limits it to PC's only. This opens the door to RuneScape being available on practically any device with a browser (that supports HTML5), such as tablets, smart TVs, consoles, phones, etc.

Will RuneScape become hugely popular again? Will it gain millions of players and be the #1 game on app markets for Google, Apple, etc? Or is this too little, too late? What do you think this means for RuneScape?

Posted by w13 on 8/31/2012 2:42:08 PM

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