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Canada_Grrl has penguin locations for you to help you with the Penguin Hide and Seek activity. Hop onto world 60 and join the world60pengs friends chat channel. If that's full, try W60pengs, W60pengu. W60pengy is dedicated to ghost penguin hunting.

1. Sawmill - Crate - 1 pt
Enter the sawmill north-east of Varrock by squeezing through the western fence.

2. Burthorpe - Rock - 1 pt
Located in Burthorpe.

3. McGrubor's Woods - Bush - 1 pt

4. Rellekka - Rock - 1 pt
Reach Rellekka by teleporting to Seers' Village and running north or fairy ring code DJR.

5. Jatizso/Neitiznot - Bush - 2 pts
Take a boat from Rellekka.

6. Eagle's Peak - Bush - 1 pt
Find the Falconry on your map.

7. CW - Rock - 2 pts

8. Mos le'Harmless - Barrel - 2 pts
Requires completion of Cabin Fever quest. Reach Mos Le'Harmless by taking a boat from Port Phasmatys or the rum bought from Honest Jimmy.

9. Lletya - Toadstool - 2 pts
Requires the Regicide quest to reach Lletya. It roams up to the tree gates. Teleport here using your Elf crystal, charter a boat, or walk using one of the passes.

10. Sophanem - Cactus - 2 pts

11. Ghost penguin - spawns around RS - 3 pts
Requires Some Like It Cold and Ring of visibility.

12. Polar Bear - North Ardougne well - 1 pt
Requires Hunt for Red Raktuber, The quest. The polar bear is always in a well.

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