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Upcoming RuneScape Updates for 2012 and Early 2013Edit This Entity

Remaining 2012:

  • Brink of Extinction, The: High-level Tzhaar quest.
  • Player-Owned Ports: Equip ships, hire captains, build your own shipyards and send your cut-throat crews to explore the fabled, lore-rich eastern lands.
  • Christmas 2012: Involves the Stray dog in Varrock.
  • God Statues: D&D involving constructing scaffolding for statues.

First half of 2013:

  • Grandmaster Level Quest: Related to the RuneScape gods, of course.
  • Kalphite King: Found in a new hive in the desert.
  • Wilderness Warbands: Raid war camps using non-combat or combat skills.
  • Ranged / Slayer Dungeon: For high-leveled players.
  • RuneScape Next-Gen: Updated graphics system and new interface.
  • Two new skills: Resource-collection skill and a support skill.
  • Epic Story Conclusions: Several of the quest lines will be concluded finally.
  • Construction Rework: Updated houses and forts.
  • World Events: "help reshape Gielinor - your way!"
  • Level up my stuff: Level up your equipment and summoning familiars.
  • Bigger bosses / Grouping system: Organized grouping system a la Dungeoneering.

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