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Evolution of Combat was being released earlier today. With this release, the forum received a revamp.

  • Our Combat Beta forum was merged with General Discussion, so head over there to discuss the numerous changes.
  • Head over to the Tips forum to find out the new training methods and techniques.
  • The Questions forum is the place to get your answer to any question you may have about this new update and more.
  • While playing did you take an awesome picture you wish to share to the community, head over to the newly revamped Multimedia forum.
  • Do you have an awesome idea for an event, head over to revamped Event forum to begin your planning?
  • Did you achieve something amazing that you want to share? Then the Achievement forum is the place to be.
  • Did you want to develop a tip into a full fledged guide? Then the Guides forum and its sections are you for.
  • Any suggestions to improve the game further? Check out the Suggestions forum
  • Trying out the new combat system and you kill another player? Player Kills is your place to be.
  • With a new combat system, what will happen to the clan world? Discuss it in the Clan Discussion forum.

Posted by J36 on 11/20/2012 5:30:29 PM

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