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There have been a few changes made to our RuneScape Community.

  • Say hello to our new Multimedia and Design section! A combination of the Pictures board and Graphics section, this new area will be the place for all kinds of pictures, videos and designs. Come share that Runescape pixel art or that amazing photo you took, we want to see them all! If you're struggling with a piece, then people in the Help and Assistance board will be happy to help with a word of advice or a well written tutorial.
  • Sadly, the Blogs application has been retired.
  • But don't worry, the new literature based section: The Writers' Desk has you covered. Come share your blogs, your poems, your stories. If you've written something, we'd like to see it. It might even get published on the website! Here, you'll also find the work from the excellent Zybez Blogs team along with The Library, a repository of work from Zybez's past. If you're a long time contributor to Zybez, some of your work might be here!
  • The Evolution of Combat beta forum has now been merged with General Discussions. We're all excited for the changes it brings and we're looking forward to seeing some of the discussion! General Discussion is also now home to the Runescape Classic board.
  • The Events forum got a new look, when the Events Discussion board was merged with the Events board. Along with this change came some shiny new tags to help keep things organized.
  • To help with all that posting, almost all of the post count restrictions are gone. Junior Members will now find they're free to post in whichever section most takes their interest!

We're always open to suggestions and ideas to help improve the forums. Feel free to share them below or use our dedicated Community Suggestions board.

Posted by Debenkeyy on 11/21/2012 11:32:03 AM

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