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Edge Magazine has published an article that contains a bunch of new information about Transformers Universe. Here's what I found:

  • Transformers Universe (TFU) will be a battle-arena style (MOBA) game, more like League of Legends instead of like an MMORPG such as RuneScape.
  • TFU will feature a story line but focus mainly around completing battles and moving from arena to arena.
  • Players will be able to select five transformers and take them into battle, controlling one at a time
  • Maps will be small featuring two opposing teams: one on the Autobots side and the other the Decepticons.
  • The team that mines 1000 energon first wins. Individual players can choose to keep the energon for themselves or contribute it to the team.
  • Terracons, the common enemy mob, will attack both Autubots and Decepticons that try to mine the energon.
  • Energon will be used to purchase new transformer bots and upgrade existing ones. Energon is also used up when you die and need to spawn one of your transformers onto the map.
  • Transformers bots will feature multiple slots for weapons, such as a hammer for melee, machine gun, and rockets. There will be abilities such as Smoke Screen to avoid being locked on by snipers and rockets.
  • Apparently Hasbro approached Jagex and asked to buy Jagex's failed-on-the-launchpad sci-fi game, MechScape (aka. StellarDawn), after which Jagex responded and said they prefer a partnership instead. So, TFU is the spiritual successor to MechScape and StellarDawn.
  • There is various talent working on TFU since early 2011 when development started, including the person that created the Grand Theft Auto logo and the guy that made the story line for Need for Speed: The Run.

Stuff that we already knew about Transformers Universe:

  • Browser-based, free-to-play MMO game.
  • Release date unknown but guesstimated to be first half of 2013 with a beta before that, possibly in 2012. The first round of closed beta invitations has been sent out on December 12, 2012.. (beta sign-ups open on the official site)
  • Set in the Transformers Prime universe but has its own open-ended story line.
  • TFU will be constantly updated much like RuneScape is.
  • Possibly HTML5 based graphics engine. (Screenshots)
  • Will launch with cars, motorbikes, and tanks. Eventually have dinobots, animals/beasts, and more.
  • No actual gameplay video yet, but there is a trailer that uses footage from actual gameplay.

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