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Zybez Presents 12 Days of Events

Dates: December 13 through 24, 2012
World: 22 (Members) unless mentioned otherwise
Host: Zybez

  • Day 1: Stealing Creation (December 13th)
  • Day 2: Zybez Skilling ft. Zybeznet and 3bo Avatars (December 14th)
  • Day 3: DJ Maggie's and DJ Hockey's Event (December 15th)
  • Day 4: Saradomin Godwars (December 16th)
  • Day 5: Bandos Godwars (December 17th )
  • Day 6: Zamorak Godwars (December 18th)
  • Day 7: The People's Event! (December 19th)
  • Day 8: Drop Party (December 20th)
  • Day 9: Tormented Demons (December 21st)
  • Day 10: Armadyl Godwars (December 22nd)
  • Day 11: Corporeal Beast (December 23rd)
  • Day 12: 99 Bonanaza and Firefest (December 24th)

For more information and up to date changes head over to the official event topic located in the Zybez Events forum.

Talk to your hosts via Zybez Ventrilo or Zybez IRC.

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If you don't feel like talking to other listen to some cool tunes via Zybez Radio.

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Posted by J36 on 12/13/2012 4:33:54 AM

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