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With the holiday season in full flush, there's no better time to show some Zybez pride, and display to the world what keeps users coming to our pages. Today is day 1 out of 12 days of Zybez pride, in which the skills of all Zybez teams will have their time to shine, and forum aspects highlighted.

Today, the General Discussion and Polls and Surveys boards are recognized, with the Stealing Creation event being hosted tonight at 5:00PM CST(6:00PM EST, 11:00PM GMT.)

General Discussion

The General Discussion board is the place for everyone and anyone to come and express their thoughts and feelings on many of the interesting topics within the board. Feel free to partake in an elaborate discussion with other users and debate your points back and forth, or just post your thoughts on the subject and show what you have to offer. Whichever it may be, the General Discussion board is the place to be. The former Combat Beta board was merged with General Discussion recently. An archive of the Runescape Classic board now has its home in the General Discussion area, take a look at the discussions of the original game.

There are also a few stickies of attraction in General Discussion:

  • Community Memories - Discuss events and happenings from your RuneScape past and tell everyone what you remember from the early days.
  • Failures - Discuss your failures or near misses in the game.

Polls and Surveys

The Polls and Surveys board is a fun place to visit on the forums, with there being countless topics to become a part of. the board consists of topics that contain a central questions or subject, and a poll to go along with it. Polls and Surveys is perfect for when you want to voice your opinion or experiences, vote on a poll, and throw your two cents in on the topic.

Stealing Creation Event

Date: December 13, 2011
Time: 5:00PM CST(6:00PM EST, 11:00PM GMT.)
World: 22 (Members)
Host: The Zybez Events Team
Friends Chat: Zchat
Place: Stealing Creation.
Although no requirements are needed to play, it is recommended that the player have decent combat and non-combat skills in order to play effectively. No items are allowed to be brought inside the arena.

Posted by J36 on 12/13/2012 3:50:11 PM

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