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With the holiday season in full flush, there's no better time to show some Zybez pride, and display to the world what keeps users coming to our pages. Today is day 2 out of 12 days of Zybez pride, in which the skills of all Zybez teams will have their time to shine, and forum aspects highlighted.

Today, the Questions and Moneymaking and Marketplace boards are recognized, with the Zybez Skilling ft. Zybeznet event being held at 4:00 PM EST, 9:00 PM GMT.


The Questions board is one of the more popular boards on our RuneScape Community, with users gladly helping each other out. Questions is the place for you to ask any question you have about the game of RuneScape. Whether you're stuck on a quest, not sure of the best armour setup for yourself, or looking for a new and exciting place to train, stop by the Questions board and create a topic.

Questions also has a number of helpful stickies:

Moneymaking and Marketplace

The Moneymaking and Marketplace board is the community hub for all things related to the RuneScape economy, the buying and selling of items, and methods of making money. Moneymaking and Marketplace is the place to discuss price trends on rares such as the Santa hat, buy, sell and even lend or borrow items, and ask questions on how to make money. You are also free to share the methods to which you make your millions.

Zybez Skilling Event

Date: December 14, 2012
Time: 3:00PM CST (9:00PM GMT, 4:00PM EST.)
World: 22 (Members) unless mentioned otherwise
Host: The Zybez Events Team
Friends Chat: Zchat
Clan Chat: Zybeznet

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