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With the holiday season in full flush, there's no better time to show some Zybez pride, and display to the world what keeps users coming to our pages. Today is day 8 out of 12 days of Zybez pride, in which the skills of all Zybez teams will have their time to shine, and forum aspects highlighted.

Today, the Zybez Calculators are being recognized.


Some of the most unique features that Zybez has are its calculators. Zybez has a fairly wide range of calculators, all serving a useful purpose and being very helpful to the user. Most of the calculators are located within the Calculator index, with the rest being Skill calculators.

The full list of calculators:

The Skill calculators are used to calculate how many of X you will have to kill, create, cut, mine, etc. in order to reach your goal level in the selected skill. These are great to use for planning purposes, and are an excellent tool. As for the other calculators, they are explained below.

  • Charms Calculator: Find out how many charms you will receive, or how many monsters you have to kill in order to receive your target number of charms.
  • Combat Experience Calculator: Select a monster, input the number of kills you get in five minutes, and find out your results for Combat experience per hour. Select the monster and input the number of kills for your Slayer task and find out how much total experience you will gain.
  • Dragonkin Lamp Calculator: Find out how many dragonkin lamps you will need to use in order to reach your goal level.
  • Penguin Points Calculator: Select the skill that you will be boosting, input both your skill level and the amount of Penguin points you will be trading in, and receive the amount of experience you will obtain. Amount of coins is also shown.
  • Pest Control Calculator: Select the skill that you will be boosting and input the number of Commendations you will be trading in. The experience reward will be shown.
  • Sacred Clay Calculator: Find out the number of sacred clay tools you will need to reach your goal level, using various different training methods.
  • Soul Wars Calculator: Select the skill that you will be boosting and input the amount of Zeal you will be trading in. Your new total experience and level will be displayed.
  • Summoning Calculator: Select the type of Summoning pouch you will be making for the respected type of charm and enter the amount of charms you will be using. The number of Spirit shards and Summoning experience will be displayed with totals.

Calculators are one of the unique features that Zybez has, and are something that the Content Team hopes you find great use. The list of our calculators is always expanding, and new ideas are constantly being thought, so be on the lookout for more calculators in the future.

Posted by Debenkeyy on 12/20/2012 11:30:57 AM

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