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Happy 2013!Edit This Entity

Happy New Year to all our loyal visitors! It has been another incredible year for us. Zybez has been working hard to bring you the best experience.

So, have you thought of what you'll accomplish in RuneScape in 2013? Don't just say it! Make an Achievements and Goals topic and see if you can live up to your RuneScape goals.

2012 brought big changes to RuneScape, such as the Evolution of Combat and Player Owned Ports. RuneScape also reached 200 million accounts in 2012.

What will 2013 have in store? New Skills, Grandmaster quest, Kalphite King and much more!!!

Bridge near Lumbridge in RuneScape with W13 wishing New Years

Posted by J36 on 1/1/2013 4:50:56 PM

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