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We are pleased to announce the ZybezNet forum!

Zybeznet, is the official clan of Zybez and RuneScape Community.

A full list of perks may be found here. To be brief we have a tier 7 citadel with 3 avatars and every upgrade possible maxed out. Not to mention an extremely active chat with lots of helpful and friendly users.

If you are not a member of ZybezNet you may want to look into joining. If you are a member of ZybezNet we have released a Recruit a Clanmate system. The more members you recruit you will earn ranks in the chat, on top of the current fealty system. More details on the board itself.

We hope this board will help promote events and improve interactions between clan members.

Even if you can't join the clan you are welcome to pop in as a guest and join in on our discussions. Of course the board is open to everyone.

Zybeznet forum | Perks of Zybeznet | Recruit a Clanmate system

Posted by J36 on 2/10/2013 5:14:05 PM

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