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If you've spent any time playing Old School RuneScape in the days since it went live, you are most likely aware of the lack of a Grand Exchange. Without the GE, price checking tool, and other such features added over the year, there is no way for you to easily find the market value of your OSRS items or to find people to trade with. You're stuck either spamming in a bank, hunting in the next World 2, or browsing forums in the hope that someone else is looking for the same thing.

To fix this, we created the Old School RuneScape Price Guide and Exchange. This is an easy tool to give you a way to find the current prices of items and post your trade offers for all to see.

We need your help. This is a totally community-driven project, so we rely on players like you to actually use it and keep it up to date. Try it, add what you know, tell us what you think, and spread the word!

Posted by J36 on 2/25/2013 4:33:14 PM

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