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Well that was a massive update wasn't it? A little over 80 new item images uploaded and edited this morning into our Treasure Trail Help Rewards section. Now those emote clues are relatively easy to work out yourself right? For those having trouble, we have uploaded a few of them into our Treasure Trail Help guide already and will continue to update the list. If you have any we don't, feel free to submit them in a correction!

Now with this new update comes a few changes to the set-out of the Unstable and Popular items area of my Market Price Guide. But first and foremost: only go off and buy all this new stuff now if you intend to merchant it quickly; the prices will most likely drop hard and fast.

So onto the changes... to save a little space I've merged the Gold (g) armour and Trim (t) armour categories together, and made two extra Mage and Range categories. The Enhancers section (previously Stat Enhancers) has been changed so it will now accommodate for Composite bows and the new amulets. Please note that the prices for the new treasure trail items will not be added until the price settles, so please do not report them. Changes to the set-out of the Unstable and Popular items will continue for a few more days until it's easily accessible and ordered sensibly.

On another note, thanks to Jdudley8, we've added a Herb Collecting & Merchanting section to our Herblore skill guide. Enjoy.

Posted by w13 on 1/19/2010 4:29:51 PM

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