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We all sorta know what Lootshare is, but how does it really work? Libum1, the expert RuneScape player, goes in great detail to explain how Lootshare works with no regard for capitalization or grammar:

If you havnt lsed for a while, your lsp is generally 0. every drop you miss (be it worth 100 gp or 100m gp) adds to your lsp. pretend you coinshared an item worth 1100 gp mid in ge, 1000 min. each person would receive 200 gp, and the item would be put in ge for 1.1k (and would lower/raise if it did not sell right away, as the price fluctuated). now for lootshare, whoever gets the actual drop gets the full 1.1k worth (1k at min). every person there (including the person who received the drop) gets lsp equivalent to what the coinshare split would have been (200 gp), though the person that got the drop also loses the value of the item (so +200 gp lsp minus 1k gp lsp). so, 100m (min) item 5 man you'd gain 20m lsp, etc, and person who got drop would +20 -100 = -80m lsp.

now, lsp has been confirmed to move towards zero by 10% daily (mod posts on rsof when jagexl updated ls system). this is 10% of your current lsp. so take for example the person who received this 100m drop, is now -80m lsp. the first day, assuming their lsp doesnt change from use, it goes towards zero 8m lsp (10%). the next day they have -72m lsp, so they move 7.2m towards 0. if this continued for a week, their lsp would have gone down to ~39m, which is at a rate of ~52%/week. Continue reading...

Posted by w13 on 1/28/2010 10:24:24 PM

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