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Patch Notes - September 1, 2010Edit This Entity

  • Fixed some of the particles on various locations in Daemonheim.
  • Fixed an issue with the spotted cape in some of the more detailed game modes.
  • The taxidermist in Canifis no longer has hair sticking through her hat.
  • Fixed an issue with the mudskipper hat, most noticeable when used for forum avatars.
  • The Wise Old Man's chathead should display correctly during any quest he's involved in.
  • When killing juvinates, the smoke effect now shouldn't hide other NPCs.
  • Removed some stretching when wearing a hat with the dragon hairstyle.
  • Corrected the colours of the grimy and clean versions of some of the herbs found in Daemonheim.
  • Fixed a problem with various hats and banners.
  • Fixed the chathead when trying to enter the shady grove.
  • The elite black full helm has now been modelled internally to fix a problem.
  • Fixed the female NPC wield positions of swords.
  • Corrected the colour of white firelighters when burning.
  • Various hair and other issues have been resolved.
  • Corrected some of the sounds and tracks playing in the wrong location.
  • Added an unlock hint to one of the music tracks.
Quests/Achievement Diaries
  • Fixed a problem if you click out of chat too early in Back to my Roots.
  • The Pest Control lander now correctly refers to Commendations.
  • Increased frame rates in the Fist of Guthix area.
  • Corrected a Quick Chat message used in Conquest.
  • All bound items in Dungeoneering can no longer be alched or sold to the smuggler.
  • Adjusted the code dealing with teleports while sitting down.
  • Added a message to clarify when you can actually wear proselyte armour.
  • If you have the party interface open and teleport in a dungeon, it should now stay open.
  • You will now correctly gain Woodcutting XP on the occult floors in Daemonheim.
  • Corrected the syntax of some Hunter level-up messages.
  • Corrected the information about the herbicide item in the Herblore skill guide.
  • You can now correctly withdraw Cryptic Clue Fest items from your toy box.
  • It should now be clearer that the swordfish gloves from Fist of Guthix will not offer protection when picking belladonna, for example.
  • Rewrote some of the Smithing code, specifically that which deals with gold and silver.
  • Added info about the Rigour prayer to the skill guides and to level-up messages.
  • Adjusted an obstacle course challenge room in Daemonheim to prevent disconnection issues.
  • The bone crusher will now work with bones dropped by the Guardians of Armadyl.
  • Enlarged the click zone for rope swings.

    Posted by Josh Hogg on 9/1/2010 4:07:46 PM

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