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Commander Zilyana

Credits: Tzu Men; Netstormuk; Cape; Jorgen
Location God Wars Dungeon, in the South-East chamber (Saradomin's Encampment), in corresponding Boss Room.
Combat Level 596
Lifepoints 2560
Max Hit 310
Is Aggresive Yes
Members Only
Attack Style Melee, Magic
Drops Coins 19000-20000
Race Icyene
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She is guarded by Starlight (level-149), Growler (level-139) and Bree (level-146). Watch out for her special attack as it is magic based and strikes all players around her. The boss will sometimes drop prayer potions and the bodyguards sometimes drop three cooked monkfish, or a summer pie that shall help extend your trip. Don't forget to pray at the altar whenever possible (there is still a wait between each time this is possible).


Melee: Players attempting to take on the Commander, should have a combat level of 100+, they also need level-70 agility to reach her. To enter Saradomin's encampment you also need two ropes that you tie to a rock, it's best to do this in a separate trip before going to take her on as the two used up spaces in your inventory is unhelpful. You only ever need to tie the ropes once. Don't try and take on this boss without a good sized team regardless of your level. To defeat this boss-monster you will also want to pack further prayer potions, any prayer boosting items are an advantage along with good armour that you aren't afraid to lose.

The best way to get your 40 Saradomin kills before entering the boss room, is to kill any Saradomin monsters already in combat with another god's troops. That way you don't take the damage.
Once your team is ready, use your super set, and put on all the prayers you want but make sure you have the Protect from Magic prayer on just before you enter her room. Commander Zilyana will use a powerful lightning based magic attack each turn of combat that will hit everyone fighting her, at the same time she will also use a melee attack that hits very high and rarely ever misses. Putting your sound on is very helpful as it'll make a very distinct sound that will alert you of when you are being attacked by melee and can easily save your life.
If you are struck by her melee attack, your task is to run around the room to have the boss chase after you while your teammates attack her (this is why it is so important for a good sized team). Eventually the boss will attack a different person with her melee, they will need to run away in the same manner. Teamwork is important whilst she switches targets because if two people are running, then she is not taking enough damage in a small team. Continue this process until the boss is dead and kill the bodyguards.


Commander of Saradomin's forces.

Top Drops

Godsword shard 1, Godsword shard 2, Godsword shard 3, Saradomin Hilt, Saradomin sword, Saradomin's murmur, Saradomin's hiss, Saradomin's whisper, Magic seed, noted Diamond (6), noted Grimy herbs (5), Ranarr seed (2), Dragon med helm, Clue scroll (Level-3), Clue scroll (level-4), Starved ancient effigy


Coins (19000-20000), Super restore (4), Saradomin brew (3-4), Prayer potion (3-4), noted Silver ore (100), Rune 2h sword, Rune plateskirt, Rune kiteshield, Rune sq shield, Rune battleaxe, Adamant platebody, Adamant javelin (20), Rune arrows (44-45), Rune bolts (37), Rune darts (39), Law rune (95-105), Nature rune (67), Death rune (45), Magic potion (3), Super defence (3), Rune sword, Gold charm, Green charm, Crimson charm, Blue Charm, Chaos talisman, Steel arrows (150)

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