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Zamorak Spiritual Ranger

Credits: Pele; Polukoff
Location God Wars Dungeon
Combat Level 118
Lifepoints 1200
Max Hit 150
Is Aggresive Yes
Members Only
Attack Style Ranged
Drops Coins 10
Race Animated
BBCode Link


Wearing a Zamorak item will prevent them from attacking you. Level 63 slayer is required.


Be sure to watch your health when fighting these, as they can inflict damage fairly quickly.


A ranger spirit dedicated to Zamorak.

Top Drops

Clue scroll (level-3)


Magic shortbow, Steel crossbow, Oak shortbow, Maple longbow, Oak shortbow(u) (10), Bow string (7-10), Body rune (12), Headless arrows (10-12), Bronze arrow (12), Iron arrow (12), Iron arrowheads (5), Steel arrow (12), Mithril arrow(p+), Adamant arrow (12), Fire adamant arrow (4), Adamant arrow(p++) (3), Adamant arrowheads (13), Rune arrow (5), Bronze arrow(p+)

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