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Dried Zombie

Credits: Shadow Hunter
Location Near the entrance to the scarabas hideout used in the 'Dealing with Scarabas' quest.
Combat Level 94
Lifepoints 900
Max Hit 100
Is Aggresive No
Members Only
Attack Style Melee
Drops Coins 102-323
Race Zombie
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Dried zombies are in the desert and you will take damage while fighting them


The fact that there is rarely anybody there alongside their high hitpoints and low max hit make Dried zombies an ideal monster for training. Make sure that you bring either an enchanted water tiara, or a filled Waterskin, however, as they are in the desert and you will take a lot of damage from the heat. These monsters will not hit you very often and they do not hit very high. You can refill your waterskin right next to them and wear Guthans to camp and gather charms.


Needs moisturising.

Top Drops

Shield half, Clue scroll (level-3) Half of a key.


Bones (100%), Coins (102-323), Desert robe, Grimy herbs, Bronze scimitar, Iron scimitar, Steel scimitar, noted Steel bars (3), noted Silver bar (3), Knife, Desert top, Mithril Bar, Gold bar, Ruby ring, Adamant Battleaxe, noted Crushed goat's horn (3), Steel arrow (11-25), Mithril bolts (2-11), Fire rune (75), Adamant arrow (11-25), Steel dart (2-15), Combat potion (1), Super strength potion (1), Mithril grapple, Charms, Death rune (3-7), Blood rune (3), Uncut Gems

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