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Credits: Brady; cdominican
Location North-west corner of the Chaos Tunnels
Combat Level 130
Lifepoints 2510
Max Hit 250
Is Aggresive Yes
Members Only
Attack Style Melee
Drops Coins 2000-9973
Race Beast
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Killing Bork is a good way of obtaining charms. You may only kill him once a day, however. Be careful because the mages near him hit up to 250 on you every 30 seconds, and he can summon up to 5 level 70 Ork legions to melee and range you.

If a player has completed all of the Varrock Tasks, Bork's drops will be more generous. In addition to this, players will also receive 500 Slayer experience rather than 250.

If you are wearing a Ring of wealth when you slay Bork, you will also receive more generous drops.


Bork is weak against Magic attacks, so it is advisable to use armour with a high Magic attack and Defence bonus. Also, by standing next to the Ork Legionnaires, you will not be attacked by their Ranged attack, allowing you to use Protect from Melee Prayer throughout the fight.


That's one big ork.

Top Drops

Clue scroll (hard), Clue scroll (elite)


Big bones (100%), Coins (2000-9973), Blue charm (5), Crimson charm (7), Green charm (2), Uncut gems, Femur bone

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