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Credits: Ryan P J; CrimsonWolf
Location Zemouragal's HQ, Varrock palace
Combat Level 180
Max Hit 200
Is Aggresive No
Members Only
Attack Style Melee
Race Undead
BBCode Link


Arrav of Avarrocka is a famous hero that lived during the Fourth Age. He was found as a boy by Travelers seeking sanctuary from the ogre's and goblins that once infested the lands that would soon be Varrock city. He was taught all sorts of things by the travelers and soon became the greatest warrior among them.

Although Arrav has had many adventures, his greatest and most documented success was defending Varrock from the undead forces of the Mahjarrat Zemouregal with the Shield Of Arrav. Although it was the grandson of a Varrock founder that actually unlocked the power of the shield, Arrav fought bravely against the forces of undead. After his undead minions were all dead Zemouregal cut Arrav down then retreated, promising that he would resurrect him as a undead minion and bring devastation to Varrock, using the person who bravely defended it.

In the Defender Of Varrock quest, Zemouregal has kept his word and resurrected Arrav as one of his greatest undead champions, although Arrav resists him every step of the way.

In Curse of Arrav, the player is required to fight Arrav, although you only have to inflict a small amount of damage before he teleports away. Arrav's heart is also freed from Zemouregal's possession, and it's presumed that Arrav will soon be freed of the Mahjarrats control.


During the short fight in Curse of Arrav, it is recommended to pray against melee to completely protect yourself from his attacks. He will teleport when at half health.


He has seen better, happier days.

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