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Living rock patriarch

Credits: Shadow Hunter; Tramp Boy 2
Location Living Rock Caverns
Combat Level 200
Lifepoints 4000
Max Hit 150
Is Aggresive Yes
Members Only
Attack Style Melee
Drops Coins 125
Race Rock
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As well as dropping items when the creature dies you will be able to mine its remains to obtain living rock minerals.


They are an extremely rare living rock creature, because they only respawn every 2 hours, so they are easy to avoid. If you can kill them it is recommended, as they have a consistent and excellent drop. If you have a high defence level you will not need to pray and they will do little damage. It is worth taking some food if you are mining or fishing here, in case you are attacked. They are assigned as slayer tasks by Kuradal and give 530 Slayer xp.


A being of ore and minerals.

Top Drops

Runite ore (3) (100%, noted), Starved ancient effigy


Mud Rune (125) (100%), Blood rune (125) (100%), noted Uncut diamond (8) (100%)

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