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Dagannoth mother

Credits: Patben; W13
Location Dagannoth Lair on the south-western tip of Waterbirth Island
Combat Level 353
Lifepoints 4000
Max Hit 410
Is Aggresive Yes
Members Only
Attack Style Melee, Ranged, Magic
Race Dagannoth
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The Dagannoth mother is a NPC encountered during the Blood Runs Deep quest. She is the daughter of the Dagannoth mother fought during Horror From The Deep and seeks revenge on the player for killing her mother.


In order to defeat the Dagannoth mother it is crucial to be able to attack with Melee, Range and Magic. If you do not bring all attack styles then she will switch to the attack styles you don't have making this a very difficult, if not impossible, fight.

The Dagannoth mother shares the same weaknesses as her mother but is significantly stronger, being able to hit 410s with her melee attacks. When the battle begins you have to attack her with Balmung or else she will not change colors. Standing away from her when she is not weak to melee is highly recommended as she will not attempt to use melee allowing you to focus on her Ranged and Magic attacks. When using her range attack 3 spikes will come out of her back, a water wave will come out of her mouth when using magic and she will bend down and bite you when using melee.

This Dagannoth mother changes colors similar to the one from Horror from the Deep. The colors are:

  • White: Air spells
  • Blue: Water spells
  • Brown: Earth spells
  • Red: Fire spells
  • Green: Ranged attacks
  • Orange: Melee attacks (Balmung only!)


A new generation of horror from the deep. After defeat: Not so horrifying now.

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