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Credits: Adam
Location Slayer Dungeon, east of Rellekka
Combat Level 64
Lifepoints 1600
Is Aggresive No
Members Only
Attack Style Melee
Drops Coins 5-62
Race Animal
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Level 25 Slayer is needed to kill the Cockatrice. If you are assigned Cockatrices as your slayer task, killing a cockatrice will provide you with 19.5 Slayer XP.

Charm Drop Rates

Total Kills Gold Charms Green Charms Crimson Charms Blue Charms


A Mirror Shield is needed to defeat the Cockatrice, without it you risk suffering high damage, and a major decrease in all combat skills.


The winged reptile.

Top Drops

Clue scroll (level-2), Starved ancient effigy, Cockatrice head


Bones (100%), Coins, Iron boots, Limpwurt root, Law rune (2), Water rune (2), Nature rune (2-6), Potato seed (4), Steel longsword, Iron sword, Steel dagger, Onion seed (4), Tomato seed (3), Watermelon seed (2), Cabbage seed (4), Grimy herbs, Fire rune (4-7), Sweetcorn seed (3), Chaos talisman, Iron javelin (5), Rune javelin (5), Cockatrice egg, White mystic boots, Green charm, Gold charm, Crimson charm, Blue charm, Cockatrice skin

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