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Credits: CrimsonWolf; iLauren
Combat Level 170
Is Aggresive Yes
Members Only
Attack Style Melee, Ranged, Magic
Race God
BBCode Link


Ayuni is a boss from the Do No Evil quest and is located through a hole that is in the Kalphite Queen room. Due to this, players should be very careful and attempt to avoid sustaining too much damage while running to the hole. She is the sister of Leeuni and Eruni.

Ayuni is significantly harder than the first boss, Leeuni, had been. She can attack using melee and range, but is more powerful when she is able to use melee. Your Prayer is drained extremely fast, making it almost useless in this fight. She is also able to teleport to a location that is closer to the player.

Ranged is the attack style that should be used and care should be taken not to get close enough to her that she is able to attack using melee. Her Ranged attacks, while it can still cause damage, are a lot weaker compared to her melee attacks.


A mysterious, godlike creature whose deep eyes bore into your soul.

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