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Credits: Sir_M1xal0t; Ryan P J
Location Haunted Woods east of Canifis and west of Port Phasmatys
Combat Level 88
Lifepoints 2200
Max Hit 176
Is Aggresive Yes
Members Only
Attack Style Melee
Drops Coins 15
Race Undead
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These are often given as slayer tasks by Mazchna in Canifis. Vampires sometimes spawn because of the small black spiders that can follow you in the Haunted Woods.


Wearing a holy symbol makes combat become easier.


It looks really hungry!

Top Drops

Clue scroll (level-2), Rune javelin (5), Ranarr seed


Vampire dust (100%), Coins (15), Grimy herbs, Chaos rune (3), Earth rune (4), Death rune (2), Blood rune (1), Jangerberry seed, Wildblood seed, Herb seeds, Earth talisman, Strawberry seed, Limpwurt seed, Watermelon seed, Mushroom spore, Belladonna seed, Black hatchet, Green charm, Gold charm, Crimson charm, noted clean Toadflax (38)

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