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Mountain troll

Credits: Pure Staker; Dark_Claw; StephenDA18; Moobeast65
Location Troll Stronghold, Trollheim; Death Plateau, Burthorpe; Keldagrim Entrance Tunnel.
Combat Level 69
Lifepoints 900
Max Hit 115
Is Aggresive Yes
Members Only
Attack Style Melee
Drops Coins 8-250
Race Troll
BBCode Link


They are weak to crush attacks.


These are great training for higher level players as there's plenty of them, especially at Death Plateau, and they have pretty good drops. When killed for a slayer task, you will get rewarded 90 experience points each.They have fairly high Strength and Defence, but very low accuracy. Wear some good armour whilst training on these.


Small for a troll but mean and ugly.

Top Drops

Torstol seed, Ranarr seed, Snapdragon seed


Big bones (100%), Coins (8-250), Long bone, Herb seeds, Grimy herbs, Watermelon seed, Strawberry seed, Wildblood seed, Jangerberry seed, Limpwurt seed, Spirit weed seed, Poison ivy seed, Mushroom Spore, Belladonna Seed, Cactus seed, Chaos talisman, Nature talisman, Earth runes (25-60), Law runes (2), Nature runes (7), noted Coal (3), noted Raw mackerel (3), Rune javelins (5), Steel warhammer, Black warhammer, Adamant warhammer, Mithril sq shield, Steel med helm, Adamant med helm, Mithril platebody, Steel platebody, Whiteberry seed, Troll bone, Irit seed

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