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Credits: Myst; Ben_Goten78; Jorgen; Mahmoud
Location Slayer Dungeon, east of Fremennik; Chaos Tunnels; The Tale of the Muspah dungeon; Soul Wars mini game; Daemonheim
Combat Level 78
Lifepoints 750
Max Hit 59
Is Aggresive No
Members Only
Attack Style Melee, Magic
Drops Coins 11-460
Race Food
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Level 52 Slayer is required to defeat these. Gives 75 Slayer experience when defeated. One of the best ways to obtain level 3 clue scrolls.

Charm Drop Rates

Total Kills Gold Charms Green Charms Crimson Charms Blue Charms


They hit regularly, but fairly weakly. As a result you may run out of food quickly. Full Guthan is useful to negate this. Wear armour that has a good magic defence such as dragonhide or splitbark. You can also pick up bones from other monsters and use the Bones to peaches spell to give you extra food. After The tale of the Muspah quest, you will be able to freely access the caves to the north which are home to many jellies, the cave is an area when many people can be, but never see each other meaning you will always be able to kill the jellies there without any competition.


Wobbly...; There's always room for jelly; Wibbly; Needs cream......; Doesn't look so tough...; Looks scared to me; Jiggly.

Top Drops

Rune full helm, Starved ancient effigy, Clue scroll hard


Coins (11-460), Chaos rune (15), Death rune (5), Steel hatchet, Steel battleaxe, Steel 2h sword, Mithril boots, Mithril kiteshield, Rune javelin (5), Gold bar, Chaos talisman, Thread (10), Gold charm, Blue charm, Crimson charm, Green charm, Fire battlestaff,

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