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Credits: Ben_Goten78
Location Crandor Volcano dungeon
Combat Level 83
Lifepoints 1200
Max Hit 590
Is Aggresive Yes
For All Players
Attack Style Melee, Magic
Race Dragon
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See the Dragon Slayer quest guide for more information. Don't be intimidated by the max hit, as if you have an Anti-dragon shield equipped, she'll hit no more than 15.


Take Rune (t) armour set (l) with a Rune chainbody, Rune scimitar or Rune battleaxe, and a decent amount of food (preferably Lobsters+) when attempting to defeat Elvarg. She can be maged or ranged, however ranging Elvarg is not advised, unless you are using a crossbow. Don't forget your Anti-dragon shield as she will not hit as high. Maging Elvarg is also not advised as she can cast fire blast and her hide deflects most mage attacks.


Rawr! A dragon!


Elvarg's head.

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