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Enclave guard

Credits: Five Aces; Syncro
Location Gu'Tanoth
Combat Level 83
Lifepoints 800
Is Aggresive No
Members Only
Attack Style Melee
Race Ogre
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Though they don't have drops like normal Ogres, such as those found in King Lathas' training area, they respawn very quickly, are not aggressive, and are easy to collect arrows from. If it's experience you're after, these make an excellent training monster. To first get here, you need a gold bar. If you are assigned ogres as a slayer task, killing these will grant you 80 slayer experience.


Can be ranged or maged from behind the rocks in the middle of the market. They aren't agressive, and they respawn extremely quickly, so they can give you some very decent range and prayer exp, with little to no risk.


Big and ugly looking.


Big Bones (100%), seeds, Long bone.

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