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Ice Troll

Credits: Jon Dudley
Location Ice Plateau
Combat Level 121
Lifepoints 860
Max Hit 230
Is Aggresive Yes
Members Only
Attack Style Melee
Drops Coins 10-300
Race Troll
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Bring teleport runes, as there is no bank or easy way to get back to safety.


These hit high against plate armour, so take a chainbody instead. Protect from melee is advised unless a high level.


Brrrrr...he must be cold!

Top Drops

Half of a key, Shield left half, Dragon spear.


Coins (10-300), Big bones (100%), Black warhammer, Adamant hatchet, Adamant javelins (5), Rune battleaxe, Adamant kiteshield, Black platebody, Mithril platebody, Blood runes (2-5), Death runes (15), Law runes (4), Water runes (65), Chaos talisman, Grimy herbs, Lobster (6), Uncut gems, Long bone, Curved bone.

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