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Harpie bug swarm

Credits: Ben_Goten78; Cyrax; Darkorc2323; Ryan P J
Location The beach north-east of Tai Bwo Wannai village, Karamja
Combat Level 46
Lifepoints 250
Max Hit 70
Is Aggresive Yes
Members Only
Attack Style Melee
Drops Coins 30-1000
Race Bug
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To defeat the Harpie bug swarm, you require level 33 Slayer and a Lit bug lantern, which can be bought from any Slayer store. 25 Slayer experience is given when assigned by a Slayer master.

Charm Drop Rates

Total Kills Gold Charms Green Charms Crimson Charms Blue Charms


Wield a fast weapon and wear half-decent armour. Make sure you have a Lit bug lantern (worn as a shield) equipped, too. These bugs don't deal too much damage, so Lobsters, Salmon, or Trout are a good food to have when fighting them. This monster is good to train on if you want fast experience and a lot of Fire runes. Melee armour is recommended.


A Swarm Of Bugs.

Top Drops

Clue scroll (level-2), Starved ancient effigy


Coins (30-1000), Gold ore, Fire rune (30-90), Steel hatchet, Iron hatchet, Steel boots, Staff of fire, Adamant med helm, Death rune (3), Steel full helm, Jug of wine, Cake, Chaos rune (15), Nature talisman, Mithril chainbody, Rune javelin (5), Fire battlestaff, Gold charm, Green charm, Crimson charm, Blue charm

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