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Brutal green dragon

Credits: Agentscott00; Ryan P J; Wiskey32
Location Ancient Cavern, lowest floor
Combat Level 227
Lifepoints 1750
Is Aggresive Yes
Members Only
Attack Style Melee, Magic
Drops Coins 2
Race Dragon
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It is recommended that you range them, although melee also works reasonably well. It is strongly recommended that you do not mage them, as they have very high magic defence. As with most dragons, crush attacks are effective against Brutal Green Dragons.

Range equipment: Bring full black dragonhide, a rune crossbow with mithril bolts or better, an archer's helm, and Ava's Accumulator if you have one. An anti-dragonfire shield is a must, as their breath can hit you from several spaces away. In your inventory, have 3-4 antifire potions, 4-8 pieces of good food, and the rest of your inventory should be prayer potions (range potions and teleport runes are optional, but strongly recommended).

Melee equipment: Strong armour is a must - it is recommended that you use full Torag's. You will need an antifire shield. Your inventory should consist of 2-3 antifire potions, a super set, 16-20 pieces of food (sharks strongly recommended), and the rest prayer potions. Teleport runes are optional but strongly recommended.

Charm Drop Rates

Total Kills Gold Charms Green Charms Crimson Charms Blue Charms


Don't forget to wear a Dragonfire shield at all times!

Range: It is recommended that you stand in or near the alcove directly south of the entrance since you aren't attacked there. The dragons can attack with melee, magic and dragonfire that travels several spaces; however, if you use range they will only use magic and dragonbreath. Turn on Protect From Magic and start ranging them. Drink anti-dragonfire potions and prayer potions as necessary. Keep your protection prayer on when you run to grab loot, as other dragons will attack you with magic as well (eventually they become unaggressive and this won't be necessary).

Melee: Attack the dragon in close range and use protect from magic prayer. Drink potions as necessary. It is recommended that you keep auto-retaliate off, as other dragons may attack you after you have killed a dragon, causing you to run away from the loot. Use the cover provided by the alcove to shelter if needed.


It appears intelligent and savage.

Top Drops

Rune battleaxe, Rune chainbody, Rune kiteshield, Rune scimitar, Rune sq shield, Rune 2h sword, Rune full helm, Clue scroll (level-3), Dragon med helm, Starved ancient effigy


Dragon bones (100%), Green dragonhide (2) (100%), Coins (200-3000), Rune thrownaxe (8), Adamant knife (8), Mithril hasta, Rune battleaxe, Rune longsword, Adamant dart (p) (25), Adamant 2h sword, Adamant spear, Gold charm (2), Crimson charm (2), Green charm (2), Blue charm (2), Adamant med helm, Adamant chainbody, Adamant kiteshield, Adamant platebody, Adamant platelegs, Lava rune (35), Steam rune (37), Law rune (15), Blood rune (20), Nature rune (17), Rune arrow (42), Adamant arrow (8), Curry (1-2), Grimy herbs, noted Mithril ore (5), noted Silver ore (100)

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