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White knight

Credits: Jon Dudley; Darkorc2323; Ryan P J; Ewoutje
Location Falador Castle; Burthorpe
Combat Level 38
Lifepoints 520
Max Hit 60
Is Aggresive No
For All Players
Attack Style Melee
Drops Coins 8-52
Race Human
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White knights also come in a partisan form which is level 42 and an Acolyte form which is level 39. Also note that if you have a level from killing black knights it will go down if you kill whites knights.


A good way to train on White knights is to change your respawn point to Falador. You must be a member and have completed the Recruitment Drive quest to do this. Take only three items with you so that when you die, you spawn right back to where you were.


A White Knight proselyte.

Top Drops

Half of a key


Bones (100%), Coins (8-52), Blood rune (2), Mind runes (7-10), Chaos runes (3), Nature runes (5-6), Law runes (2-3), Sweetcorn seeds (3) Body rune (13-14), Onion seed (4), Cabbage seed (4), Grimy herbs, Uncut gems, Iron bar, Steel sword, Steel med helmet, Water rune (32), Adamant Arrow (2), Mithril Arrow (5), Iron Ore, Pot of flour, Half an apple pie

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