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Credits: Rash

- 1 Quest Point
- 30,000 Mining XP
- 14,000 Thieving XP
- 9,000 Ranged XP
- 9,000 Strength XP
- 9,000 Agility XP
- 4,000 Summoning XP
- 2,500 Slayer XP

Start PointStart Point

Speak to Ali the Wise in Nardah.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 4/5
Length Rating: 3/5


Skill: 37 SlayerZybez Runescape Help's Image of the No Stat Enhancers Icon, 41 SummoningZybez Runescape Help's Image of the No Stat Enhancers Icon, 61 AgilityZybez Runescape Help's Image of the Stat Enhancer Icon, 64 RangedZybez Runescape Help's Image of the Stat Enhancer Icon, 64 MiningZybez Runescape Help's Image of the Stat Enhancer Icon, 64 StrengthZybez Runescape Help's Image of the Stat Enhancer Icon, 66 ThievingZybez Runescape Help's Image of the Stat Enhancer Icon
Quest: Defender Of Varrock, Shades of Mort'ton, Troll Romance, The Tale of the Muspah, Missing My Mummy
Item: Pickaxe, Sacred oil, 3 Dwellberries, Ring of life, Macaw pouch or Ravenous Locust pouch, Rope, Mithril grapple, Crossbow (Mithril or Higher), Insulated boots (purchased from Slayer masters)
Other: Must have completely restored Senliten

Zybez Runescape Help's Image of the Stat Enhancer Icon - These skills may be temporarily boosted with Stat Enhancers to complete the quest.
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of the No Stat Enhancers Icon - Stat Enhancers can NOT be used on this skill to meet the quest requirements.
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Skill: High Defence level (to avoid Armoured Zombies), 43 Prayer (Protect from Melee/Range),
Item: Super restore, some food, Melee armour, money for Shantay passes, Waterskins OR Enchanted water tiara, Ring of Charos (a) (cheaper Carpet rides), Teleport runes to Trollheim, Amulet of glory (Teleport to Al Kharid) OR House Teletabs (with an Amulet of glory in your Player-Owned House), Ring of slaying.
Other: Player-Owned House in Pollnivneach

The icy waste to the north of the troll country is as mysterious as any land in RuneScape, no less because of the interest the Mahjarrat take in it. Ali the Wise thinks that he might have found a way for you to discover more about this strange area to the north. Uncover more of the mysteries of the Mahjarrat and learn about the dark magic that was used to enslave Arrav for these last few millennia.

Part 1:
The Mysterious Tunnel

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Cave

Step 1
Speak to Ali the Wise
Enter the Tunnel
Mine through the first cave-in

Items needed: Pickaxe, Armour to protect against Ice trolls, Food

Speak to Ali the wise in Nardah, and he will tell you of a tunnel atop Trollweiss mountain that leads to the Mahjarrat Ritual Area. Make your way to Trollheim (Teleport, or walk from Burthorpe), climb down the mountain and head through the north-west part (next to the path to God Wars Dungeon). Enter the cave nearby, and run past the Ice trolls till you arrive at a crevasse. Enter it, and you will appear outside atop of Trollweiss Mountain. Make your way east, and enter the nearby cave.

Inside the cave is a series of obstacles that need to be mined in order to pass. Go through the eastern path and mine the smallest piece of rubble to clear it. Loop around until you arrive at the next bit of rubble, then mine the two smallest pieces of rubble to clear the pathway. Continue on and pick up the stone tablet (Picture).

You will now arrive at a more complex cave that needs to be mined. The key to remember about this puzzle, and future ones, is that each rock needs to be mined from different sides to clear it (the number of sides is based on how big the rock is). You are also unable to mine the largest rubble.

Step 2
Mine through the cave-in's
Pick up and read the various tablets (optional)
Search the bookcase
Speak to Arrav
Search the Tapestry to obtain the Key and Plans

First, mine the rubble in the bottom left corner twice from two different sides. Then, mine the topmost rubble on the first row. Mine the middle rubble on the first row from all three sides to clear it completely. Clear the next two pieces of rubble, and step into the spot where the last one was. Mine the rubble to the north, and it will cause the cave-in to shift, opening up another piece of rubble. Step into the open space and mine the rubble directly north to clear it. Mine all three rubble surrounding you, then mine the western-most rubble from the west side. Next, mine the rubble in the upper left corner, and the one next to it. The rest should be fairly straightforward. Pick up the Granite tablet and read it while you're there.

Pick up the Slate tablet and read it (Picture). Head down the south path, and mine both bits of rubble. One of them will shift, allowing you to mine the other from another side to partially clear it. Walk back up north to where you found the Slate tablet and head east for another cave-in.

Mine the four smaller pieces of rubble once each; the third from the top will shift, allowing you to clear the row of rubble. Clear the two small bits of rubble on the second row (on either side of the one that shifted). Mine the two bits of rubble on the third row once each, then mine the bottom-most rubble on the second row to clear it. Step into that spot and mine the rubble directly east, causing it to shift. Clear the two small rubble on the third row. Mine the rubble on the fourth row from two sides to clear it. Clear the last piece of rubble to pass through the cave-in.

Head down the south path and pick up the Shale tablet and read it (Picture). Now, mine all the rubble you can from the west side. Loop around and come in from the north side of the cave-in and continue mining all the rubble you can. Loop around the third path to the left, and mine the rubble until you have cleared the path. You should arrive on the south side of the third cave-in. Mining one of the rubble will cause it to shift, opening up the two small rubble. The rest is straightforward. Continue mining until you arrive in a small cellar room.

Search the bookcases (Picture) until you get some notes (these aren't needed during the quest, but it gives you the names of some of the Mahjarrat). Climb up the stairs and talk to Arrav (Picture). Under the control of Zamouregal, he is forced to attack you, but partway through the battle, he will have to leave. Before he leaves, he tells you to search behind a flame tapestry (Picture), which will help you both.

Go inside the southern room and search the tapestry. You will receive a set of plans and a key to Zamouregal's base. Study the plans, and a message will appear suggesting you speak to Ali the Wise to interpret them.
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Key and Base Plans

Step 3
Give the plans to Ali the Wise
Speak to Queen Senliten about preserving the heart
Prepare a Canopic jar

Items needed: some food (Lobsters or better), Sacred oil, 3 Dwellberries, Ring of life

Make your way to Nardah and speak to Ali the Wise. He will read the plans, and a cutscene will begin, showing you the interior of Zamouregal's base. You will see various security measures such as human detection spells (Picture), electrical surges, patrolling zombies, and fire traps. You will also see the heart of Arrav, under the control of Zamouregal, heavily guarded by the security measures.

Ali the Wise will say that the trickiest part of the mission is to keep Arrav's heart alive, in order to keep Arrav himself alive. You will then suggest that the Pharaoh Queen Senliten (restored during Missing my Mummy) may know how to keep a heart preserved.

Leave Nardah and make your way to Uzer. Head south until you reach the Pharaoh Queen's tomb, and enter it. Make your way to Senliten the same way you did in the previous quest (beware of the puzzle floor that you'll have to pass, as it can damage you). Speak to Senliten (you must have restored her to 100%) and tell her of your problem. She will eventually give you a Canopic jar, and instruct you to fill it with Sacred oil, 3 Dwellberries, and a Ring of life. Add the ingredients into the jar in that order, then return to Ali the Wise.

Upon further studying the plans, Ali will suggest that you wear insulating protection, and have something that will allow you to view areas remotely. You will also need a rope, grapple hook and crossbow. Obtain a Macaw pouch, Insulated boots (from a Slayer master), rope, Mithril grapple, and crossbow. Make sure you have your base key before you enter Zamouregal's base.

Part 2:
The Heart of Arrav

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Pipe

Step 4
Enter Zamouregal's base
Make your way past the Security measures
Obtain the heart of Arrav

Items needed: Filled Canopic jar, Rope, Mithril grapple, Crossbow, Macaw pouch or Ravenous Locust pouch, Insulated boots, Base key

Speak to Hartwin found in the North-western tower of Varrock castle to gain safe passage back to the base. Run past the Armoured zombies (you do not have to attack them) and continue on until you reach a metal door (Picture). Open the door with your base key and go to the kitchen, making sure to avoid the human detection spells at all costs. Wear your insulated boots and enter the pipe; failure to wear your boots will result in an electric shock and being dealt 130 damage (or more). Make your way through the sewer to the other end, summon a Macaw or Ravenous Locust, interact with it, and select the Remote-view option. You will automatically squeeze in through the pipe and appear at the other side. If choosing Remote-view does not work for any reason, simply squeeze into the pipe while having your familiar out.

You only have five minutes for the next series of steps, so stay calm. Enter the room to the south and search the tables until you get the decoder strips. Pick-lock the chest to receive an Access code. This access code has four letters on it, which is random for all players. For instance, if your code is ABCD, the number on the strips refers to that order: 1-A, 2-B, etc. If you find that a letter has been repeated, you will have to remove the strip and place the other on top of the letter. Now, operate the keypad, and move the strips until they are placed above the corresponding letter. To move the strips, simply click on the strip and use the arrows above the strips to move them in any direction. The cutout hole will reveal the number that needs to be entered. Keep doing this for each letter until you have found the four-number code, then enter the code, and the door will be unlocked. Open the door and enter the room.

Once inside, equip your crossbow and mithril grapple, then grapple the pipes (Picture). You will cross to the other side. Use the Canopic jar on the pedestal to receive the heart of Arrav. Once you have the heart, leave the base, and speak to Ali the Wise in Nardah. He will work out a plan to free Arrav, and reward you for your efforts.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Curse of Arrav Scroll

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