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Credits: Brad S

- 3 Quest Points.
- 3 100 Combat XP Lamps
- Silverlight
- 2 Squeal of Fortune Spins

Start PointStart Point

Speak to Grufeld Bach in Varrock Church

Difficulty Rating: 2/5
Length Rating: 1/5


Quest: None


Item: Combat equipment and food for lower levels.

An evil follower of Zamorak known as Denath infiltrated the Monastery at Edgeville and made off with a book. This book is an ancient tome that was used to banish Delrith back to the demon plane, and is the only object capable of bringing Delrith back here! Find the only sword capable of weakening the demon and stop Denath before it's too late.

Part 1: Starting the Quest

Step 1
Talk to Grufeld Bach
Enter the crypts

Zybez RuneScape Help's Demon Slayer quest start ImageTalk to Grufeld Bach. In north east varrock church. He wants you to help him stop an evil fugitive. He says an evil follower of Zamorak known as Denath infiltrarted the monastary at edgeville and made off with a book, which can be used to bring Delrith, a powerful ancient demon, back to the world.

Grufeld Bach says Delrith is immune to all forms of attack, except those coming by way of the Silverlight. A special, holy sword. It lies in the crypts below the Varrock Church.

Enter through the trap door which is the north east part of the church through the doors with the stairway.

Part 2: The Trials

Step 1
Complete the three trials

Zybez RuneScape Help's the Silverlight ImageHead north and talk to the spirits. They will tell you that to get the Silverlight you must pass three tests. The Trial of the Body, Trial of Faith, and The Trial of the Mind.

Enter the west chamber and get ready to fight, as it is The Trial of the Body. Ten level-2 skeletons will attack you with Ranged as they emerge from the bone piles.

Once you've killed the skeletons enter the northern chamber for The Trial of Faith. The spirit will tell you to cross the chasam in front of you. He will tell you to step north, east, south or west. Follow his directions to get to the other side. Once you are finished you can walk anywhere on the chasam to get back to the other side.

Then go to the eastern chamber for The Trial of the Mind. He will ask you a series of questions; answer them in the following order:

  1. I seek the Silverlight.
  2. A sword that slays demons.
  3. A powerful demon threatens Varrock.
  4. Delrith.
  5. Grüfeld Bach.

Re-enter the main chamber and talk to one of the spirits, and get the Silverlight.

Part 3: Kill Delrith

Step 1
Explore the crypts
Kill Delrith

Zybez RuneScape Help's Denath ImageGo back up to the church and talk to Grufeld Bach. He says he has located Denath in the Zamorak Temple in Varrock. Leave the church and head south near Aubury's Rune Shop (Picture). Go into the building with an altar and a Zamorak Mage walking around. Enter the trapdoor on the western wall.

There will be level-2 Monks of Zamorak in the dungeon so be ready to fight them. Make your way through the different rooms until you reach Denath.

Now you need to kill Delrith. Make sure your Silverlight is equipped when you are fighting him, as it is the only way to kill him (Picture). When fighting, stay close to Grufeld Bach, as Delrith will scream "Prepare to be incinerated!" and he means it! Grufeld Bach will build a shield for you, if you stay under it you will be immune from his special attacks (Picture).

Once you have killed Delrith, talk to Grufeld Bach once more. Congratulations quest complete!

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll

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