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Credits: Sarrakas and Tzu Men

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- 1 Quest Point.
- 1,500 Summoning XP, 5,000 Hunter XP, 5,000 Mining XP, 5,000 Woodcutting XP, 10,000 Prayer XP, 15,000 Firemaking XP.
- A Spirit shield.
- Ability to wield Spirit Shields, ability to use an upgraded version of Jennica's Ring with access to more Spirit Portals.

Start PointStart Point

Search the rubble north of Varrock, by the wilderness wall.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 5/5
Length Rating: 4/5


Skill: Level 23 Summoning, 37 WoodcuttingZybez Runescape Help's Image of the Stat Enhancer Icon, 35 Hunter, 45 MiningZybez Runescape Help's Image of the Stat Enhancer Icon, 47 Firemaking, 55 PrayerZybez Runescape Help's Image of the No Stat Enhancers Icon.
Quest: Spirit of Summer.
Item: Many Blue Charm Summoning Pouches (Albino Rat lowest option), Jennica's Ring, Ghostspeak Amulet, Pickaxe, Woodcutting hatchet, Tinderbox, Spade.
Other: Ability to avoid a Level 752 Spirit Beast.

Zybez Runescape Help's Image of the Stat Enhancer Icon - These skills may be temporarily boosted with Stat Enhancers to complete the quest.
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of the No Stat Enhancers Icon - Stat Enhancers can NOT be used on this skill to meet the quest requirements.
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Skill: High Combat level, high Woodcutting level.
Item: Super energy potions (Or alternatively use of Oo'glog pools), Prayer Restore Potions, High healing food (Sharks or Saradomin Brews), Spotted/spottier cape, Boots of lightness, Penance gloves.

The Spirit Beast is threatening to tear its way into RuneScape, so Summer and her family need your help to stop it once and for all. You must once more venture into the Spirit Beast's Realm and, together with the elders, take on the Beast to save them (and possibly all of RuneScape).

Part 1:
Luring the Beast

Step 1
Speak to Summer Bonde next to the wilderness ditch north of Varrock.
Agree to help them.
Return to RuneScape.
Collapse the cave entrance to the north.
Head to the cave in the other realm.
Lure to Spirit Beast towards the cave using Blue Charm summons.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of the Cave EntranceItems needed: Ghostspeak Amulet, Jennica's Ring, Pickaxe, Many Albino Rat Pouches (or higher Blue Charm alternative), Food (Around 10 Sharks).

Before you start on the quest, make sure that you have your Ghostspeak amulet equipped as you will need this throughout the entire quest. Go to the pile of rocks near the Wilderness Ditch, close to Varrock. Summer Bonde will be waiting here for you to tell you that since your last visit to their realm in Spirit of Summer, that things have become far worse and that your help is required to deal with the Spirit Beast once and for all.

When you agree to help, you will be taken to some kind of void in between the realm of the trapped souls and RuneScape, where the 3 Elders (Erik Bonde, Jallek Lenkin and Meranek Thanatos) will await you. After they share with you a short history, you will be told that the Spirit Beast is trying to make its way to the realm of RuneScape, where it will be able to devour the soul of every RuneScape citizen. They are relying on your help to prevent this from happening. Whilst speaking to the elders you will be taken to the realm of trapped souls. The first step in this adventure is to lure the Spirit Beast to the cave located north of the farm, by using a familiar of a kind that you did not previously employ in the Spirit of Summer Quest. Any familiar which requires a blue charm can be used for this, the lowest level option is the Albino Rat Pouch which requires level 23 Summoning.

Before trying to lure the Spirit Beast, leave the realm of the trapped souls and go back to the realm of RuneScape. As with the last quest locations of buildings and such like will not have changed between worlds. Head north from the ruins to the cave entrance and use the "Collapse Entrance" option. After doing so, head back to the realm of the trapped souls and stand near the cave entrance. You will notice that the Spirit Beast will keep walking in the same, square shaped, path. Stand in its path. When the Beast gets close to you, summon your familiar and walk towards the cave while luring the beast behind you. It is strongly advised to take a considerable amount of pouches with you, as it is likely the Beast will manage to catch your familiar a few times and devour its soul. If the beast gets too close to you, you will be pushed away and receive some damage. When the Beast gets very close to the cave, walk in the cave.

If you succeed, a short cut scene will be shown and you are done with the first part.

Part 2:
Defeating the Beast

Step 2
Head to a bank.
Pass through the gate in the Spirit realm.
Avoid the Beast's ranged attacks, hug close to the wall running away from it.
Cut the roots at the walls.
Light the fires.
Whilst the beast is distracted gain distance between you.
After the 3 fires are lit the beast will flee.

Items needed: Ghostspeak Amulet, Jennica's Ring, Woodcutting Hatchet, Tinderbox.Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of the lit fire

After completing part 1, we advise to teleport and bank for the needed supplies. Make sure you take enough Super Energy Potions (about 6) to ensure you can keep running at all times, a considerable amount of Saradomin Brews ( between 5-6) and enough Sharks as healing is easier with them. Bank all your valuable items, armour and prayer have no effect in the coming rooms.

In the spirit realm return to the cave entrance and pass through the gate. The goal in the first room is to light 3 different fire pits as they can distract the Spirit Beast. He will confuse them with a soul, causing enough of a distraction to allow Meranek Thanatos to attack the Beast on his weaker chest plate. The cursed willow logs needed to light the fires can be obtained by cutting roots found on the walls of the room.

The Spirit Beast will constantly attack you from a range so it is important that you keep running around him in circles whilst staying close to the wall. If you manage to create a distance between the Beast's attacks and you, attempt to cut the roots. You will need 5 logs to light a fire pit, so it is best to keep running around and cutting roots until you get 5 logs. If the beast gets close and it fires an attack at you, you will hear a sound similar to rocks falling from a mountain, this is a sign to run away before it hits you. Don't try to endure an attack, it can hit multiple times at once and is a threat to even the strongest of players - avoid it!Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of cutting roots

When lighting a fire pit, you will see a short cut scene in which Meranek Thanatos will hit the Beast. It is advised that you use this time provided by the cut scene to run away to the other side of the room by using the mini map, it will allow you to cut several logs before the Spirit Beast gets near you again.

After lighting 3 fire pits, a cut scene will show you that the beast runs deeper into the cave, into the second room. Note that teleporting or getting killed by the beast during Step 2 will not have an effect on the fire pits you have already lit and you will not need to redo them but any that you have not lit will have to be redone.

Step 3
Head to a bank again.
Return to the gate and enter room 2.
Avoid the beast, stay near locations with soft soil.
On the signal run towards the dark core and lure it towards the soil.
Dig a hole in the soil, stand behind it between you and the core.
Don't let the beast catch the core.
Trap the core three times.

Items needed: Ghostspeak Amulet, Jennica's Ring, Spade.Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of the second room

Similar to Step 2, we again advise to teleport and bank for the needed supplies. Once again, make sure you take enough Super Energy Potions (about 6) to ensure that you can keep running at all times, a considerable amount of Saradomin Brews (between 5-6) and enough Sharks.

Upon entering the second room, Jellek Lenkin will await you to explain the weakness of the Spirit Beast. The Spirit Beast is neither alive nor dead, he is a supernatural being who feeds of the souls of the passed. The souls he devoured are still alive, and are centered into a core, which is where he gets his power from. As Meranek has managed to shatter the Beast's chest plate, he will release certain parts of these, now corrupted, souls. Seeing as the beast has drawn energy from your soul as well, this dark core will attempt to reconnect with you. You must prevent this from happening by trapping the core into holes you dig in soft soil spread around the room.

The best method is to run around in circles, always staying near places with soft soil. The Spirit Beast will attempt to attack you until you get the following message: "The dark core has come out of the Beast!". This is the sign for you to take action. Run towards the dark core, who will chase you, and lead it towards a nearby patch of soft soil. Dig a hole in this patch of soft soil using you spade and stand behind the hole, putting it in between yourself and the dark core, causing the dark core to fall into the hole. If the Spirit Beast manages to catch the dark core before you can trap it, he will resume with the attack so you will have to run around until the dark core comes out of the Beast again. You will need to repeat this process a total of 3 times, allowing Jellek to weaken the Spirit Beast.

Step 4
Bank once more.
Enter the third and final room.
Bless the graves corresponding to each elder, allowing them to attack the Spirit Beast.
When the beast is dead speak to the Elders.
Head to the last room in the RuneScape realm.
Speak to the elders, speak to them outside the cave in the spirit world.

Items needed: Ghostspeak Amulet, Jennica's Ring.Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of the third room

As with the previous parts, we advise to teleport and bank for the needed supplies. Once again, make sure you take enough Super Energy Potions (about 6) to ensure you can keep running at all times, a considerable amount of Saradomin Brews (between 5-6) and enough Sharks. A few Prayer Restore Potions could be taken with you as well, though this is not needed as there is an altar available.

Upon entering the third and final room, all 3 elders will be awaiting you. The last room is the place where they were buried after they got murdered. All elders will return to their graves to attack the Spirit Beast one last time to finish him off, but as the ground here has become evil due to the Beast's powers, the elders will constantly need to switch graves. Your job is to give one of their graves a blessing, allowing an elder to counter the attack of the Beast.

The souls of the elders have 3 different colours, being blue, red and yellow. Your job is to carefully watch to which grave their souls move and then to bless the correct grave. This correct grave depends on the colour of the attack which will be launched by the Beast (e.g. when his attack is yellow, you need to bless the grave containing the yellow soul). Note that you can get hit by the Beast's attack yourself as well, so be careful at all times.

This last part of the Quest is very hectic; it is likely you will end up running around and randomly blessing graves. This works too, of course, but it is obviously less effective and will take more time. Another way to do this is to follow one spirit the whole battle until the Beast turns into that spirit's colour. This method is safer, but will take more time to operate. The beast only targets you when it begins charging its attack, so if you run behind it, the attack will miss. You will need to bless all three souls (colours) once for the Beast to be defeated.

Once the Beast is dead, the elders will thank you and say for you to speak outside for your reward. Leave the spirit realm and get back in by using the portal and speak to them outside the cave.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Summer's End Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What can Jennica's ring do?

A: It allows you to use the portals around the Wilderness to travel around the Spirit Realm, visiting locations can offer you experience or access to new monsters to train on. For more information see our Spirit Portals guide. Also, Revenants have a increased chance of dropping better items when you kill one with the ring equipped.

Q: How can I get Jennica's ring back if I lose it?

A: Right where you start the quest, search the rubble next to the wilderness ditch.

Q: What does the Goth leprechaun near the Flower Patch in the Village Ruins do?

A: He acts as any other Leprechaun would and allows you to access your farming tools.

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