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Credits: Noble Truce

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- 5 Quest Points
- 5,000 GP
- 4 x 100,000 XP in any skill of choice over level 65.
- Lump of Dragon Metal.
- Ability to loot Movario's base.

Start PointStart Point

Speak to Radimus Erkle at the Legends' Guild

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 7/5
Length Rating: 7/5


Skill: Level 23 SummoningZybez Runescape Help's Image of the Stat Enhancer Icon, Level 55 HunterZybez Runescape Help's Image of the Stat Enhancer Icon, Level 60 ThievingZybez Runescape Help's Image of the Stat Enhancer Icon, Level 65 DefenceZybez Runescape Help's Image of the Stat Enhancer Icon, Level 65 FarmingZybez Runescape Help's Image of the Stat Enhancer Icon, Level 65 HerbloreZybez Runescape Help's Image of the Stat Enhancer Icon, Level 75 MagicZybez Runescape Help's Image of the Stat Enhancer Icon
Quest: Defender Of Varrock, Dream Mentor, The Hand In The Sand, King's Ransom, Legends' Quest, Mourning's Ends Part II, The Path Of Glouphrie, Recipe for Disaster, Summer's End, Swan Song, Tears of Guthix, Zogre Flesh Eaters.
Item: Hatchet, Knife, 1 log of any kind, Ring of charos, Mind rune, Law rune, Death rune, Fire, Water, Earth or Air rune (depending on returning blast), 30 Air Runes, 4 Cosmic Runes, 1 Astral Rune, Uncharged Orb, Snapdragon seed or around 60,000GP (Seed can be bought from Thaerisk for a bit below market value), Seed dibber, 5gp, Lantern lens, Papyrus, Charcoal, Iron chainbody, Bronze med helm, Sapphire lantern, Teleport runes to various locations.
Other: Be eligible for entry to the Warriors' Guild, have defeated Bork in the Chaos Tunnels, 270 Quest Points.

Zybez Runescape Help's Image of the Stat Enhancer Icon - These skills may be temporarily boosted with Stat Enhancers to complete the quest.


Skill: 90+ Combat, preferably 100+, 75+ in Melee skills, 75+ Ranged or Magic (for final battles and teleporting).
Item: Boots of lightness, Spotted/Spottier cape, Larupia hunting gear, Access to Oo'glog salt-water pool, Spirit terrorbird for energy restoration, High healing food (Swordfish, Sharks, Tuna potatoes ), Antipoison, Weapon, Armour (Rune or above) for combat, Teleports to various locations (Teleport tablets preferred), Prayer potions.

The stone was clearly not of this world...

Part 1:
Tracking Movario

Step 1
Speak with Radimus Erkle.
Seek out Thaerisk.
Defeat the Mercenaries.
Speak with Reldo.

Items needed: Teleport runes to Falador and Varrock.

To begin this quest you must speak with Radimus Erkle in the Legends' Guild. Radimus will explain that the druids of Taverley are planning to set up a place of worship to Guthix on Karamja. However, there is some strange force at work that has him concerned. If you accept the quest, then he will tell you to speak with Ivy Sophista in Taverley. Remember the pass-phrase that he tells you as well: "Our friend in common places great faith in totems".

Make your way to Taverley and head to the house that's west of Pikkupstix's house and the summoning altar. Speak with Ivy inside and tell her the pass-phrase that Radimus gave you (look in the paragraph above this one to see the correct phrase). She will tell you to speak with Thaerisk upstairs. Go upstairs via the ladder and speak with Thaerisk. He will explain that he has been trying to spy on Lucien because he fears that Lucien is trying to achieve godhood through the staff of armadyl. All of the spies Thaerisk has sent though were murdered and he suspects it's a message to stay out of Lucien's business. As he goes further on with his story you will be interrupted by two Assassins (level-38). Take them down and speak with Thaerisk again. He will tell you that he wants you to find out some more information about Movario and he says that Reldo may know more.

Go to the Varrock library and speak with Reldo (Picture). Use all the options to learn about Movario. Ask about what Movario does and take note of "solving the puzzle arms the trap". Then ask him where he lives and you'll be told to speak with a Hunting expert.

Step 2
Speak with the Hunting expert
Capture a broav
Obtain Movario's scent
Find Movario's house

Items needed: Hatchet, Knife, Mort Myre Fungus (given to you by the Hunting expert), Larupia hunting gear (recommended), Any Type of Log, Ring of charos, Ring of duelling or Fairy Ring code AKS, Teleport runes to Ardougne.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Hunting TalkMake your way to Feldip Hills and go south west of the fairy ring located near the swamps. Speak with the Hunting expert and ask about using animals to track down a scent. She will say that the best creature to do this with is a wild broav. Catching broavs is similar to catching pitfall creatures. With that in mind, you'll need to have an axe, knife, and one log of any type in your inventory. You'll also need a mort myre fungus which will be given to you by the Hunting expert.

Once you're ready head west of the Hunting expert and look for a pitfall trap. Put on some larupia clothing if you have it before going any farther. Set up the trap and bait it with the mushroom. A broav will come out and if you're successful, then you will trap it (Picture). Bring it to the Hunting expert and she will tame it for you.

Now that you have successfully tamed a broav, you'll need to find something that belongs to Movario to obtain a scent. Head to the Khazardian area and speak with a nearby Khazard Guard (Picture). He will tell you that Movario oftentimes is seen taking his laundry to a place that's north west of the Fight Arena. Head west and speak with the launderer with a ring of charos equipped. Charm him into telling you about what he knows about Movario and he will give you some of his dirty laundry.

Use that dirty laundry on your broav and he'll start to track the scent (Picture). If the broav moves in circles, then it means he lost the scent. Simply keep using the shirt on him if this happens and he'll eventually lead you to a house in the Khazard battlefield.

Note: Sometimes your broav may get stuck in obstacles. If that happens, then pick him up and drop him in a spot free of obstacles. Also note that talking to your broav will make it more motivated in finding the door.

The front door of the building will be locked, so go inside via the crumbled wall on the southern wall. Take your broav out again and have him search for a scent near the broken table. The broav will find something strange under the table, so search it. You will find a trapdoor under it (Picture).

Part 2:
Movario's House

Step 3
Open the magic door.
Reroute wires.
Open the bed chest.
Calculate weights.
Escape Movario's house.

Items needed: 1 Mind, Fire, Earth, Water, Air Rune, Food (3-5), Teleport runes, Antipoison.

Go down the trapdoor, be wary of the Guards (level-95) here and run past them without fighting. Head down the northern hallway, and then head down the stairs nearby (Picture). You will receive a note that says you can't use Magic here. Search the old battered door and a console will come up (Picture). Use a mind rune on the door and take note of the colour of the returning blast. You'll need to use a rune that matches the colour of that blast. Red is for fire, blue is for water, green is for earth, and white is for air. Alternatively you can just read the sign and see what rune replaces a letter. That will tell you what the correct rune needed is. Search the door again, disarm the trap that you find (you may be poisoned if this fails), and head inside the next room.Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Book Guy

In this room you should notice a series of bookcases and wires. When searching a bookcase, electricity will be diverted to another wire (Picture). The aim of this is to convert all the power to the gate, so you can overload the electricity surrounding it. To do this simply trace a lit wire from the gate to a bookcase. Use the switch on that bookcase and another wire will light up. Trace that wire to another bookcase and flip the switch again. Keep repeating this until all the wires finally light up. Do note that if you try to open the door while the electricity is still valid, you will get electrocuted and dealt with damage up to 350! Open the gate and search the staircase. Disable the trap on it and climb upstairs.

Note: Be careful in this room. Many things are trapped, so always search an object before doing anything to it.

Climb up the stairs and search the desk nearby to obtain some notes. Read it. Also pick up the waste basket near the desk. Search the basket and you will find a ruby key. Search and use this key on the bookcase near the desk and a set of stairs will emerge (Picture). Climb them, search the bed across the room, and a chest will be revealed. Search the bed to disable the trap. Use the ruby key on the chest to open it (Picture). You will receive two key halves and some notes.

Now that you have the two key halves/notes you'll need to escape. To do this, head down the stairs and search the painting. Climb over the wall and take a look at the thermometer. The thermometer will show you the weight you originally had when you walked into this room. Now look at your current weight (viewed from the equipment menu). Take the thermometer weight and subtract it from your current weight. The number you get is the amount of kg you need to take from the weight pile (Picture).

Go upstairs and put the weights on the stone statue. Open up the door nearby and you will appear back inside the underground area. Head down the east hallway and exit through the ladder.

Part 3:
Tracking Idria

Step 4
Go to McGrubor's Wood.
Defeat the assassins.
Seek out Idria.

Items needed: Teleport runes to Camelot.

Go back to Taverley and speak with Thaerisk. Once you hand him the notes he will tell you that the notes say that Lucien is on the verge of finding one of the strongest artifacts ever. He will also say that you should go to McGrubor's Wood to meet up with the Guardians of Armadyl.

Go to Camelot and head west following the trail. Once you reach the pub head north and follow the gating. A cutscene will eventually ensue of the Guardians of Armadyl being attacked by Lucien's men (Picture). Kill the two Axe mercenaries (level-88) and speak with the wounded guardian. He will say that Idria needs to be protected and that she can be found "in the arms of a forester" (Picture).

Head back the way you came and go inside the pub. Go upstairs and speak with Idria. Idria will reveal that Lucien is planning to raise an army of the undead and rule all of RuneScape with it. Ask Idria about Lucien and she will explain that she intended to capture a spy in Draynor Village, but needs help with it. You suggest that the Temple Knights can help and that you'll meet up in Falador.

Part 4:
Spies and Serums

Step 5
See Sir Tiffy Cashien.
Attach the teleorb.
Capture the spy.

Items needed: Teleport runes to Falador.

Go to Falador and speak with Sir Tiffy Cashien inside the park. He'll direct you to speak with Akrisae at the White Knight Castle. Run to the castle and speak with him. Akrisae will hand you a teleorb and tells you to plant this on a spy in Draynor Village. Ask Akrisae how to get there and he'll teleport you there for free.

Go west of the bank and you should see a shady stranger. Use the orb on him until it successfully attaches to him. Return to Akrisae and speak with him.

Step 6
Obtain a rose-tinted lens.
Let light in on the snapdragon seed.
Plant the enriched dragon seed.

Items needed: 60,000gp or Snapdragon seed, Lantern lens, Seed dibber, teleport runes to Falador.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Lens LightThe spy will be teleported into the prison and will be administered the truth serum (Picture). Unfortunately though, the spy knocks it out of the druid's hand. Speak with Thaerisk again and he'll say that a new truth serum must be made. To make one you'll need a snapdragon seed and then you'll need to speak with Betty in Port Sarim. You may ask Thaerisk for a snapdragon seed (it will cost similar to its current market value) and for him to teleport you to Port Sarim.

Speak with Betty in Port Sarim about an enriched snapdragon. She will explain that you'll need to expose the seed to light through a rose-tinted lense. She will provide you with the colouring for 5gp, but you will need to obtain your own lens.

After you have obtained the lens, speak with Betty. Buy some pink dye for 20GP and use it on the lens. Stand at the doorway and use the lens on the counter. Search the counter to obtain an enriched snapdragon seed.

Return to Thaerisk and speak to him. He'll tell you that there's a specially created patch on top of the castle that you must plant the seed in. Walk west until you see a set of stairs. Climb them all the way to the top to reach to patch. Plant the seed and head back to Idria (Picture).

Part 5:
Recruition and Dark Squall

Step 7
Seek out four heroes.
Administer the serum.
Draw Dark Squall.
Recruit four more heroes.

Items needed: Charcoal, Papyrus, 2 Air runes, 1 Cosmic and Astral rune, Teleport runes to Falador. You may also need Amulet of glory (charged), Ectophial, Games Necklace, Ring of duelling.

Speak with Idria and she will tell you that you need to gather a small group of heroes to take on Lucien. These people are Turael, Hazelmere, Duradel, and Mazchna. While you will need to go and see Hazelmere you can contact Duradel Mazchna and Turael using the NPC contact spell in the Lunar Spellbook.

  1. Duradel - Can be found in Shilo Village.
  2. Mazchna - Can be found in Canifis.
  3. Turael - Resides inside a house in Burthorpe.
  4. Hazelmere - A gnome inside a tower that's to the east of Yanille.

Head back to the herb patch and take the enriched snapdragon out (Picture). Use the enriched snapdragon on a truth serum to obtain a super truth serum. Go back to the jail cell near Thaerisk and use the serum on the prisoner. He'll reveal that he's working under a mage called Dark Squall. Speak with Thaerisk and tell him what you've just heard. He'll suggest that you should obtain some papayrus and charcoal to draw out the description of Dark Squall. Thaerisk says that the drawing would aid in wanted posters.

Obtain some papyrus, charcoal, and then speak with the prisoner again. You will sketch a drawing as he tells you the description. Give the drawing to Idria and she will ask you to recruit more heroes. These hereos are Ghommal, Sloane, Harrallak, and Cyrisus. Ghommal, Sloane, and Harrallak can be all found in the Warrior's Guild. To speak with Cyrisus you will need to use the spell NPC Contact from the Lunar Magic book.

After you recruit everyone, return to Akrisae in the White Knights' Castle. Akrisae says that Dark Squall was spotted at the Black Knights' Fortress and that Silif was sent to spy on him. He hasn't returned and you'll be asked to look into it.

Part 6:
The Elite Base

Step 8
Charge the tile
Navigate the catacombs.
Find and free Silif.
Find Dark Squall.

Items needed: Either: Iron chainbody and Bronze med helm or a set of Elite black armour, 30 Air Runes, 3 Cosmic Runes, Uncharged Orb, High Healing Food and Good Armour, Prayer restore potions, Teleport runes.

Go to the Black Knights' Fortress which is located to the west of Edgeville. Equip either an iron chainbody and bronze med helm, or a set of Elite black armour bought prior. Enter through the side entrance. Head north and push the wall open (Picture). Climb down the ladder and look for a tile on the ground. Use the charge air orb spell on it to reveal a trapdoor; go down it (Picture)Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Infiltration

Note: You're about to enter a dangerous multicombat area where there are level 120 warriors, mages, and rangers. They use Prayer to guard themselves for the first minute of combat, so be prepared when fighting them. Wearing a set of Elite black armour makes them completely unaggressive.

Head through the catacombs and jump across the broken bridge by clicking on the opposite side (Picture). Follow the north east path and climb up the wall nearby . Make your way past the barricades and go through the west path. Continue on until you get to a part with three doors. Use the most northern door and head inside (Picture). Navigate your way to the north wardrobe. Search the wardrobe to obtain the elite black platebody, platelegs, and full helm. This will prevent them from attacking you when equipped. Also note that if you lose this armour, then you'll have to kill the elite enemies all over again for the armour. Now search the desk that's east of the door for a commorb and the desk that's north for a lobster and a restore potion (don't use these) (Picture). Search the keyrack to the north as well to receive a key. Go back out the door and head down the east hallway until you see a few jail cells. Speak with Silif who is in one of them (Picture).

Open the cell door and give him the lobster and restore potion. Ask him if he has any plans and he'll tell you that he needs some elite black armour to escape. Head back to the room where you obtained the cell key and searched the wardrobes. Search both wardrobes (one on each side of the room) to receive a full set of dagon'hai robes and elite black armour. Take this back to Silif and give it to him to wear. Head back to the room where you got the key and equipment and navigate yourself east of the door. Go to the wall where a map is hanging and speak with Silif. Silif will give you a teleorb to place on Dark Squall while he studies the maps. Walk up to Dark Squall use the teleorb on him. He will reveal that he's actually Surok (Picture). Surok will order his guards to attack you, so teleport out immediately.

Part 7:

Step 9
Immitate Surok.
Go to the tundra region.
Find Lucien.

Items needed: 1 Law Rune, 1 Death Rune, Teleport runes.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of LucienHead to the White Knight Castle in Falador and speak with Akrisae. He'll explain that you'll need to imitate Surok with the dagon'hai robes you found earlier. Equip your robes and step into the jail cell. You will be teleported back to Surok's base.

Go east and climb up the ladder nearby (Picture). Activate the strange teleorb (with one law and death rune in your inventory) in the center of the circle and you will be transported to an area covered in snow (Picture). Head up the north east path and climb up the wall (Picture). Jump across to the chapel's edge and head around the other side.

A cutscene will ensue of Lucien raising his undead army. He then realizes that you're not really Surok and then he attacks you. Fortunately though, the heroes you recruited earlier will save you, but will eventually be vanquished (Picture). Go back to the place you entered from and activiate the orb. Teleport out and head back to Falador.

Part 8:
The Stone of Jas

Step 10
Find Movario
Descend the rift.
Obtain the spell orbs.
Obtain the cubic keys.
Open the skull door.

Items needed: Sapphire lantern, Dagon'hai robes, Prayer potions.

Speak with Idria and she'll say that Movario is on the move. She says that he's in the Lumbridge Caves probably looking for the 'Fist of Guthix'. Finally she says that you need to impersonate Surok (by wearing the dagon'hai robes) and act as if you're working under Lucien.

Head to the Lumbridge cellar and go through the hole in the wall. Go south and squeeze through the next hole in the wall. Keep going south down the tunnel until you reach a swamp with a rock in the middle. Hop on the rock to get across and go inside the cave entrance nearby. Speak with Movario and tell him that you're Surok. After convincing him, he will explain that the 'Fist of Guthix' and 'Eye of Saradomin' are actually the 'Stone of Jas'. He will then say that he believes the stone is located at the bottom of the rift, but can't go down there. He suggests that you should use your lantern on the flying lights and then he'll cast a spell to drop it lower. Use your sapphire lantern on one of the light sources to be taken down the rift (Picture).

Search the nearby skeletons for a hammer, spade, chisel, blessed sickle, and 6 druid pouches. Use the spade on the rocks nearby and then use a chisel on it (Picture). You'll receive a fire orb. Do the same for the rock on the otherside and you'll receive an earth orb. Head to the glowing braziers and use a chisel on them to receive the orbs inside (Picture). You should now have an earth, fire, water, and air orb.

Go south until you see some skull heads. Use your orbs on the three skull heads until you get three elemental block. Climb up the ledge nearby and use your final orb on the skull. Now head into each skull nasal cavity and make your way to the end of the tunnel. Use the block key you received on the hole at the end. Do this for each skull (Picture). Now climb up the ledge again and use your last block key on the skull's mouth. Finally, search the stone cube. The skull's mouth will open for you to enter through (Picture).

Step 11
Obtain eight dolmens.
Open the giant door.

Items needed: Super energy potions (or any other energy enhancer).

You will now appear in a long tunnel. Once you reach the end you'll be in a large room with a stone table and many different tunnels branching off. There are ghost druids in the middle of each of these tunnels and a statue at the end. You'll need to use a charge from the pouches that you collected earlier on these druids (Picture). When you do this the druids will drop ingredients to make a potion until you have obtained all of the ingredients needed. These ingredients have to be used on their respective statue. You can tell which ingredients belong to which statue by looking at the features of the statue, the statues are:

  1. Combat - Goat horn Dust and Harralander
  2. Ranged - Dwarf weed and Wine of zamorak
  3. Hunter - Avantoe and Kebbit teeth dust
  4. Fishing - Avantoe and Snape grass
  5. Defence - Cadatine and White berries
  6. Energy - Avantoe and Mort myre fungus
  7. Agility - Toadflax and Toad's legs
  8. Balance - Harralander, Garlic, Red spider's eggs and Silver dust
  9. Attack - Guam and Eye of Newt
  10. Magic - Lantadyme and Potato Cactus
  11. Restoration - Snapdragon and Red spider's eggs
  12. Prayer - Ranarr and Snape grass
  13. Strength - Kwuarm and Limpwurt

Keep in mind that the statues are random. Each statue depicts a certain potion, and you will have to use the ingredients for that potion on the statue. For example, if a statue depicted a set of runes, then the ingredients of a magic potion would be used there. After you use the ingredients on a statue you will obtain a dolmen (Picture). Use these dolmens on the stone table you saw earlier. After using all 8 dolmens on the stone table, the giant door will open (Picture).

If you're running out of pouch charges, then you can cast the bloom spell with your sickle on the vines in the tunnels. This will produce some flowers that can be stored in your pouch. It's likely that you'll run out of Prayer points because bloom takes up 5 of them each time you cast it. Use a dose of your prayer potion if this occurs. If you're also having trouble with gathering ingredients from the druids, then you can always buy them from the Grand Exchange.

Step 12
Touch the stone.
Defeat the Balance elemental.
Learn of the 'Stone of Jas'.

Items needed: High Healing Food, Strong Melee Armour, Two Different Attack Styles, Super restore potions.

Make sure you bank for supplies before continuing on. You need to have at least two forms of attack for the upcoming battle (tormented demons only), so keep that in mind. The boss is extremely powerful, so bring your best equipment (you won't need the dagon'hai armour to get into the rift this time). You should also take a teleport tab just in case.

Head into the door that you just opened up and continue on. You will soon arrive to at a giant stone. Search it and then touch it. A Balance elemental will come out and attack you (Picture).

Strategy:The balance elemental uses all three forms of attacks: Magic, Melee, and Ranged. He doesn't give any warning of using them, so you have to react quickly. When he pulls out a flaming bow he will use Ranged attacks. If he hurls rocks/water drops at you, then he's using Magic attacks. Finally, if he just uses his fists, then he's using melee. Use the appropriate protection Prayer when necessary and this fight will go smoothly. He also reduces your combat stats during the fight, so it would be a good idea to use super restore potions instead of prayer ones. Super restores will replenish not only your combat stats, but your Prayer too. Super attack, defence, and strength potions are also great to use on this enemy if your melee stats aren't very high.

Touch the mysterious stone to ensue another cutscene (Picture). The cutscene will show you that this mysterious stone is actually the 'Stone of Jas'. Movario and Darve will interrupt and reveal that he spoke to Lucien. You can ask him questions about the 'Stone of Jas' if you wish, but Lucien will arrive after you question Movario. Lucien can also be questioned about what he plans to do with the stone (Picture).

Step 13
Defeat two tormented demons.
Speak with Idria.

After you use up all the options, Lucien will summon two Tormented demons. Idria will tell you to touch the 'Stone of Jas' to help aid you in fighting them. Once touched, all of your combat stats will be increased to level 250! The demons will switch between protection prayers depending on what you hit them with, so be sure to switch between attack styles when that happens.

Once the demons have been defeated speak with Idria. Ask (this may take a couple chats) her to teleport you back to Falador and you will complete the quest.

Zybez RuneScape Help's While Guthix Sleeps Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What happened to the heroes that were killed by Lucien?

A: If you completed the quest, then they were replaced by other NPC's.

Q: What do I get when I loot Movario's house?

A: You can get 100 Fire and Death runes, 100 Coal, and 100 Magic logs. However, you will have to redo the puzzle.

Q: What are the two key halves for from Movario's house?

A: You can take the two halves to the Ancient Cavern and use a half on a Mithril dragon. They will fuse together and the newly created key can be used to open up the mithril door. Through the door will be three dragon statues facing a glass orb. By casting the fire wave spell on all three statues you will be informed that a sound can be heard from the south. In the southern end of the dungeon the stone basin will now be a forge filled with lava, capable of being used to smith the Dragon platebody, which requires level 92 Smithing to make.

Q: Is there anyway of starting this quest without having all the level requirements?

A: If you have level 63 Herblore, or 62 Farming, you can drink a Greenman's ale (m) and eat a Garden pie, then talk to Radimus Erkle in the Legends' Guild to start the quest.

Q: I haven't finished obtaining all of the dolmens, and the Druids aren't dropping anymore potion supplies, what do I do?

A: Leave the caves and buy the remaining supplies you need from the Grand Exchange. Simply go back the way you came.

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