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Credits: Sarrakas

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- 1 Quest Point
- 500 XP Reward lamp

Start PointStart Point

Explorer Jack, north of Lumbridge Castle.

Available to Free Players

Difficulty Rating: 2/5
Length Rating: 2/5


Item: Lumbridge teleportation runes. Chisel, hammer and hatchet if you want extra rewards (read additional part).

Explorer Jack may have taken a break from exploring, but he hasn't given up his old habits quite yet. His constant search for myths that could potentially hold secrets to rare trinkets and other trophies has led him to a passing snow imp, who told him a tale of riches in the distant Land of Snow. Just the task for any wannabe explorer! He now wants you to go and investigate the imp's story to discover if it holds any truth...

Part 1:
Getting the stones

Step 1
Talk to Explorer Jack.
Agree to help.
Teleport to the Land of Snow.

Explorer Jack is located just north of Lumbridge Castle. Ask him if he has any quests for you and he will tell you about his recent encounter with a Snow imp. This Snow imp told Explorer Jack about priceless riches and knowledge hidden in the caves of the Land of Snow. He also mentioned priceless, dark sleek stones protected by a fearsome creature. Explorer Jack wants you to get some of these stones inside the cave; he will reward you with an experience lamp for it. Explorer Jack will tell you to speak to a Head snow imp to get teleported to the Land of Snow. Alternatively you can ask Isidor to teleport you by using the teleport phrase "Ectosum glissendo", he can be found in the basement of the Wizard's Tower.

Step 2
Enter the caves.
Make your way through all the rooms.
Enter the last room and meet the Yeti.

When you arrive in the Land of Snow, a large icefield will separate you from the Cave entrance, you will have to slide your way towards it.

Zybez Runescape Help's Cave Entrance ImageReaching the cave entrance:
  1. » Slide south.
  2. » Slide east.
  3. » Slide north.
  4. » Slide east.

After squeezing through the Cave entrance you will find yourself in a large room covered in ice. The objective is to reach the exit on the opposite side of the room by sliding towards it. In order to get to the exit you will have to make use of all the obstacles available, by sliding towards them. You are able to slide in horizontal, diagonal and vertical ways. There are a total of 6 rooms to go through until you reach the last one.

Room 1:
  1. » Slide east.
  2. » Slide north-west.
  3. » Slide east.
  4. » Slide south-west.
  5. » Slide east.

Room 2:
  1. » Slide east.
  2. » Slide south.
  3. » Slide north-east.
  4. » Slide north.
  5. » Slide east.

Room 3:
  1. » Slide north.
  2. » Slide south-east.
  3. » Slide north-east.
  4. » Slide south.
  5. » Slide north-east.
  6. » Slide south, towards the firm ground.
  7. » Walk your way to the entrance.

Room 4:
  1. » Slide east.
  2. » Slide north-west.
  3. » Slide east.
  4. » Slide north.
  5. » Slide south-east.
  6. » Slide west.
  7. » Slide south-east.

Room 5:
  1. » Slide south-east.
  2. » Slide east.
  3. » Slide north.
  4. » Slide south-east.
  5. » Slide north.
  6. » Slide east.

Room 6:
  1. » Slide east.

When entering the last room, a Yeti will force you to retreat by shouting at you. Entering the last room through the main entrance is impossible so you will have to find a solution, read step 3.

Step 3
Push the Stone blocks into the gaps.
Make your way to the last room.
Scare the Yeti.
Steal the Stones.
Return to Explorer Jack.

The penultimate room contains 2 Stone blocks which can be pushed around, both of them will have to be used to create a path on the north side of the room. Pushing these around can only be done while standing on firm ground, as shown below.

Zybez Runescape Help's Stone block Image

Most western block:
  1. » Push the block to the west.
  2. » Push the block to the north.
  3. » Push the block to the east.
  4. » Push the block to the north.

Most eastern block:
  1. » Push the block to the east.
  2. » Push the block to the north.
  3. » Push the block to the west.
  4. » Push the block to the north.
  5. » Push the block to the west.
  6. » Push the block to the north.

When both Stone blocks are put in position, return to the room prior to this one and slide to the crevice on the north-east side of the room. Crawl through the crevice and follow the path to the room of the Yeti. When you arrive in this room, study the etching (Picture) on the wall. The etching indicates that speaking into the tube will amplify your voice. Shout in the pipe (Picture) just south of you and a cutscene will show that the sound of your voice scares the Yeti so badly that it makes him faint.
Make your way back through the crevice and enter the last room once more, through the main entrance. You will find the Yeti to be unconcious, allowing you to pick up the stones and making your way back out of the caves.
Zybez Runescape Help's Stones Image

As you exit the caves, 3 Snow imps will await you. They'll explain to you that one of the Snow imps, named Marius, fooled Explorer Jack by saying that the stones are priceless when in fact these stones are nothing more but Yeti dung. Once the dung warms up it'll become very smelly, they want this to happen when Explorer Jack gets the dung. They will offer you to enchant the dung for you, allowing you to teleport with it and give it to Explorer Jack, after which it will start smelling. After the Snow imps have enchanted the dung, you can make your way back to Explorer Jack and hand it to him.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll

Additional part:
Studying etches

Part 1
Clearing walls.
Studying etches.

After retrieving the stones you can gain some extra experience in a few skills by studying etches on the walls of certain rooms. The locations of these etches are shown in red on the mini map, for some you will need certain tools to clear the walls first. Shown below is a table which includes the room numbers, the requirements and tools needed to clear the walls, and the rewards for studying all three etches.

Room Requirements Equipment Reward
2 30 Crafting Chisel and hammer 2k Crafting Xp
4 55 Agility None 10k Agility Xp
6 80 Woodcutting Hatchet 20k Woodcutting Xp
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I heard that this quest is only F2P for so long. Is this true?

A: Yes, the quest is both F2P and P2P for the duration of the 2008 Christmas event (2 weeks). After that, you will need to be P2P to start the quest. Until the date of 6/24/10 when the quest was remade F2P

Q: Can I go back to the Land of Snow after completion of the quest?

A: Yes. All you have to do is talk to Isidor and he'll teleport you back to the Land of Snow.

Q: Does Explorer Jack ever get rid of that dung?

A: If you log out and speak with him, then he will give you 5,000 coins as your share of the sale. He says he ended up selling it to a witch.

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