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Credits: Avicenna

- 1 Quest Point
- 1,500 Hunter XP
- 2,000 Thieving XP
- 3,000 Construction XP
- Access to Penguin Hunter expansion
- Penguin Hide and Seek polar bear.

Start PointStart Point

Speak to Larry at the Ardougne Zoo, near the penguin enclosure.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 3
Length Rating: 3


Skill: 38 Thieving, 45 ConstructionZybez Runescape Help's Image of the No Stat Enhancers Icon, 45 HunterZybez Runescape Help's Image of the No Stat Enhancers Icon
Quest: Cold War, Sea Slug
Item: Penguin Suit (Silk, Steel bar, Plank, Hammer), Needle, Thread, 4 Planks, 8 Silk

Zybez Runescape Help's Image of the Stat Enhancer Icon - These skills may be temporarily boosted with Stat Enhancers to complete the quest.
Zybez Runescape Help's Image of the No Stat Enhancers Icon - Stat Enhancers can NOT be used on this skill to meet the quest requirements.
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Item: Ardougne and Watchtower teleports, Super energy potions.

When we last left Larry, the penguins were hatching a diabolical plot to invade the mainland. Larry is certain the invasion has begun and you two must hurry to sabotage whatever the penguins are up to. This new adventure will take you back to the Iceberg where you will sing, interrogate and wear odd hats.

Part 1:
Crazy Larry

Step 1
Speak to Larry.
Explore Witchhaven.

Start off the quest by speaking to Larry near the penguin enclosure at Ardougne zoo. Agree to help him and he will tell you how he went on vacation and saw a giant penguin surface out of the water. It is then suggested that you go to Witchhaven to investigate the penguin sighting. Scratch Larry's nose and head to Witchhaven! (Picture)

Step 2
Inspect footprints.
Convince chief zookeeper that Larry is not crazy.

Witchhaven is the village on the shore located east of Ardougne . To the south-west of Witchhaven there is a large footprint; inspect it and head back to Larry once you have done so. As you are talking to Larry, the zoo keeper comes and attempts to cage Larry for being crazy. After an argument, he agrees to let him out if there is proof that there is 'something out there'. He doesn't want Larry around the zoo anymore, however.

You'll then see a cutscene where the chief zookeeper inspects the footprints and admits that there is something going on - he lets Larry free. You must now meet Larry at the iceberg to investigate the case about the penguin and the submarine, but you must first make your penguin suit.

Part 2:
The penguin HQ

Step 3
Head to house.
Make a penguin suit.

Items needed: Hammer, Steel bar, Silk, Plank. Player's Crafting bench 3; requires a clockwork mechanism

To make a penguin suit, teleport to your POH (player owned house) and to a crafting bench 3 with a steel bar or clockwork mechanism (Picture). Select to create a clockwork toy and then a clockwork penguin. Congratulations! You've created your penguin suit (Picture).

Step 4
Go to the iceberg.
Interrogate captured penguin.
Make a song for guard to fall asleep.

Head east of Rellekka, to the coast near the entrance of Keldagrim and take the boat to the Iceberg (Picture). Larry asks you to gather intelligence on how to get on the submarine, how to disable the submarine, and how to find the submarine. After freeing your hands and cape, talk to Larry to turn into a penguin. Head north-west and investigate the avalanche, and you will find yourself in the penguins' headquarters. Enter the first room to the left and speak with the KGP interrogator. He will inform you that you must take an integrator test. Question the captured penguin until he finally submits and tells you the signal to board the submarine. As the signal for each person is random, it is suggested that you write down the order as you will need it for later on in the quest. Zybez Runescape Help's Screenshot of a Guard Penguin

Before you leave the room, search the crate to get a fish hat and a conch shell (you will need them for later on in the quest). Now that you know how to board the submarine, head to the music room and speak to the penguins (Picture). They'll tell you to go speak to the guard by the big doors and find out what kind of song makes him sleepy, so they can compose that song for you. Speak to the guard and head back to the music room. You will have to help compose the song. From the choices, pick "chicklings, squirrels, blue, and kiss". Head back to the guard and sing him the song. He should fall asleep during the cutscene. Operate the control panel and head into the War Room.

Once in the War Room, speak with Baden. He will not believe that you are really a spy until you take off your penguin suit. Take off your suit to prove that you are a spy. Baden admits that they are really prisoners who are forced to work for the penguins. However, he will only tell you how to disable the submarine if you bring a penguin suit for each of the dwarfs so they can escape. Head back out the room and to Larry.

Part 3:
Disable the Sub

Step 5
Go back to Baden in war room.
Learn how to disable the submarine.
Disable the submarine.

Items needed: 8 pieces of Silk, 4 Planks, 1 Needle, 1 Thread.

Once you have spoken to Larry about making the penguin suits for the dwarfs, gather the items mentioned above and turn into a penguin once more. Go back to the avalanche and enter the penguin conclave. Enter the War Room (the guard should be sleeping), and talk with Baden once again. Take off your penguin suit and hand over the supplies to him. He will then begin to teach you how to disable the submarine. (Picture)

Zybez Runescape Help's Screenshot of the Sub Controls
  1. Use the wrench to open the wire box cover,
  2. Cut the green and red wires with the wirecutters,
  3. Use the spare wire to rewire the green wire to the red wire,
  4. Wrap the tape around the raw ends,
  5. Pump air into the pipes until it's getting near red.
  6. Turn the wheel, but watch the gauge. Stop once it's green - the arrow will point straight up. If you don't stop, you'll have to pump with the bellows again.
  7. Pull the lever, and the submarine will start on its new course. Just sit back and the sub will do the rest!

Note that you must do things in that order, or else it won't work! Once you have disabled the submarine, head back to Larry and update him.

Part 4:
The Submarine and the Surprise

Step 6
Speak to Noodle for ID.
Search sorting table in HQ.
Obtain telegram.

Zybez Runescape Help's Screenshot of a Sorting Desk Larry will tell you to speak to Noodle for a fake ID, so turn into a penguin again and head north-west to speak to Noodle. Say "Yes" to agree to be in debt to the Mafia and you receive the ID card. Enter the penguin conclave via avalanche and go into the first room on the right side. Once in there, search the sorting table in the most south-eastern room.

Note: You must not get caught by the penguins in there, or you will get kicked out of the room!

Once you get the telegram, go back and speak to Larry. Larry will tell you to go to Yanille.

Step 7
Call the submarine.
Disable the sub.
Escape off the island with Chuck.

Items needed: 1 Toolbox, Fish hat (obtained earlier on in the quest), Conch shell (obtained earlier on in the quest), Penguin suit.

Larry can be found to the very east of Yanille. Once Larry turns you into a penguin, blow on the Conch shell. Now you must do the movements in the correct order (as the captured penguin told you at the beginning of the quest). The order is as follows:

Call with the horn of the sea, (blow conch)
Dance the dance of the sea, (ignore)
Dance with a bow, (bow emote)
then groove with a preen, (preen emote)
finish with a spin. (spin emote)

Note: You should have wrote down the order for the signal earlier on in the quest and know what hat yours is - as it is different for everyone.

Once you have completed the moves in the correct order, a cutscene will take you inside the submarine. Move east throughout the rooms until you meet Captain Marlin and start speaking to him. He distrusts you immediately and after a conversation orders his guards to take you away. You will discover that they've took your toolbox and now you're unable to disable the sub. Move west and search the hatstand. Go back east and open the door (you will pick the lock with the swordfish). Inspect the engine panel and you'll see that it is exactly the same as the one in the penguin conclave. Disable it in the same way. You can use the crab claw as the wrench, shark tooth as the wirecutter, the eel as the spare wire, and seaweed as the tape. The swordfish can be used as the lever, the octopus to turn the wheel and the puffer fish as the bellows.

As you disable the engine and get out of the sub, you find out that this was all a grandmaster plan of the penguins and dwarfs - to have you do all the legwork and get the submarine for them. You are then stuck on the island - without any option to your inventory or spells. Run over and speak to Chuck, who is really a polar bear in a "disguise". It turns out that the polar bears were working with Larry to stop the penguins from taking over the world. Continue speaking to Chuck until he finally takes you on a ride on his belly, and you will find yourself back in Ardougne zoo.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Who do I talk to in replace of Larry?

A: Simply talk to Chuck in the polar bear exhibit.

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