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Ritual of the MahjarratEdit This Entity

Credits: Vipa; Hemlock

- 3 Quest points
- 110,000 Agility experience
- 60,000 Constitution experience
- 40,000 Crafting experience
- 40,000 Mining experience
- Three 80,000 experience lamps
- Ability to fight Akrisae and Glacors
- Ability to make Armadyl runes, Armadyl battlestaff, cast Storm of Armadyl spell, cast Tune Bane Ore spell, make Bane arrows and bolts, and mine Bane ore
- Ability to gain Combat bonuses in certain areas

Start PointStart Point

Talk to Sir Tiffy Cashien in the Falador park.

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 7/5
Length Rating: 7/5


Skills: 77 AgilityZybez Runescape Help's Image of the No Stat Enhancers Icon, 76 CraftingZybez Runescape Help's Image of the No Stat Enhancers Icon, 76 MiningZybez Runescape Help's Image of the No Stat Enhancers Icon
Quests: Tail of Two Cats, A, Enakhra's Lament, Fairy Tale III - Orks Rift, Hazeel Cult, Rocking Out, Slug Menace, The, Temple At Senntisten, The, While Guthix Sleeps
Items: Ring of visibility, Rope, Spade, Catspeak amulet (e)

Zybez Runescape Help's Image of the No Stat Enhancers Icon - Stat Enhancers can NOT be used on this skill to meet the quest requirements.


Skills: A high Range level.
Item: Good food, Prayer potions, Rune crossbow, good Ranged gear.

They signal their arrival with a devastating shriek, and leave nothing but ash, flame and destruction in their wake. All tremble in fear as they approach, and the ground rumbles in sympathy.

Part 1:
Pirates and Dragonkin

Step 1: Starting the Quest
Speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien
Speak to Sir Tendeth
Find a way through the jungle

Speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien and select the option "Ritual of the Mahjarrat". Once spoken to, Sir Tiffy Cashien will instruct you to go to the island of Mos Le'harmless, and speak with Sir Tendeth. Sir Tiffy Cashien will offer to teleport you to Mos Le'harmless, choose "Yes" to do so and begin the quest.

Once you arrive at Mos Le'Harmless, go to the first pub and you will find Sir Tendeth, who looks like a pirate. While speaking with him, you're given a warning saying the jungle surrounding Mos Le'harmless will be a lot harder to travel in, accept and continue.

A cut scene will occur and the ground will shake. Speak with Sir Tendeth once again and he instructs you to ask some pirates outside what happened. Outside the pub you will find 2 pirates have collapsed, speak with the both of them and a pirate walking around, you will be told about fireballs coming from the jungle.

Head north into the jungle and you will find yourself in another cut scene. Sir Tendeth decides he will join you, unfortunately, as soon as he steps in the jungle, he is hit by a fireball. You need to make your way far east, and the way to do this is to hide behind the tree's and slowly make your way across without being hit by a fireball. If, however, you are hit by a fireball, you will be dealt between 100-300 damage and you will be teleported outside of the jungle. Only stand behind fully grown trees and make sure you only move east one tree at a time.

Once you have made it all the way through the obstacle course of trees, you will enter a cut scene with 3 Dragon kin, once it has finished, make your way back to Falador and warn Sir Tiffy Cashien.

Part 2:
Puzzling collar

Step 1: Complete puzzles
Archive room
Find Bob the cat

When you warn Sir Tiffy Cashien he will teleport you to the Archive room to read up on the Dragonkin. Talk to Sir Tiffy Cashien again, he has found a cryptic note. He asks if you know who was reincarnated and who is the stone toucher. A cat was reincarnated, and you are the stone toucher.

You need to find Bob the Jagex Cat the cat now. He can be found roaming around RuneScape. Opening your Catspeak amulet (e) will allow you to track Bob. When you find him, ask him for his collar; he will gladly give it to you. If you view the collar, you will see it says Bob on the front and Diraks on the back.

Head to Zanaris and head over to the fairy ring. You need to use it twice, the first time you use it, use DIR, this will place you in with Gorak's, click the fairy ring to head back to Zanaris and use the fairy ring for the last time, using AKS. You will arrive in Kethsi.

Part 3:
Treasure hunt

Step 1: Entering Kethsi
Complete the collar puzzle
Find the puzzle pieces
Find the key

Now you're in Kethsi, climb up the wall and investigate the wall design. You will have to solve a puzzle, simply move the collar over to the empty column on the right side, switch the collar's side so BOB is visible, and move it up and down in the column till it clicks into place, make sure you have 5 empty inventory slots though, as you will receive 2 notes, a necklace, a statue's arm and a tetrahedron puzzle piece.

Now make your way south and then west, you should see a statue, use the arm you received from the puzzle on it, and it will lower a walk way for you to walk across. You need to find 3 more tetrahedrons and a strange device. All will be found by searching rubble.

  • Search the rubble near the start (Picture)
  • Over the slippery log, after completing the Agility course (Picture)
  • Far north east, will receive the strange device as well (Picture)

Once you have 4 tetrahedrons head down the stairs at the end of the Agility course and put each tetrahedron in it's slot on the two walls. Once you have done that you will receive 4 random letters, head back up the stairs, this is where your strange device comes in handy. You need to match up the four letters with the 4 letters on your strange device, run around clicking the strange device till you have a perfect match. Dig on the spot and you will receive a key, head back to the stairs, go back down them and unlock the door. Search the bookcase directly in front of you upon entering, and you will find a book, after reading it, search the bookcase to the east to unlock a Lunar spell and head back to Sir Tiffy Cashien.

Part 4:
Heart of a Hero

Step 1: Three main tasks
Deploy rope
Place beacons
Place Arrav's heart near the ritual site

Once you have shown Sir Tiffy Cashien the book he suggests you go to Falador castle and show Akrisae. Akrisae can be found just inside the castle where Surok magis was imprisoned during the While Guthix Sleeps quest.

After some dialogue Ali the wise will appear and join in with the conversation, choose these chat options to get through the dialogue quickly.

  • So instead you would risk all of our lives?
  • I can't think of another way, can you?
  • Yes we'll have to be careful
  • I will risk my own life to negotiate

After that, Ali the wise will give you the heart of Arrav. You now need to talk with Azzanadra who can be found under the Digsite at the Senntisten altar. Azzanadra gives you 4 beacons to place around the ritual site. The north beacon must be opposite to the south beacon, same for the east and west ones too. But first you need to access the ritual site, for this you need to head to Ice plateau and enter the ice fortress, remember to wear an anti-dragon shield.

Once you're there, head a little west along the south wall and you will see a pillar to jump over, once you've jumped over it, head through the tunnel.

Go far north west and attach your rope to the dead tree directly above the cave.

Avoid Undead broav's or you will end up in jail.

If you end up in jail, search the bed for a chisel and spade, lift the loose tile and tunnel out.

South east of the dead tree is the ritual spot, look for 4 trees around the surrounding area to place your beacons on. Make sure north and south are opposite each other, the same for east and west too.

Place Arrav's heart on the rocks by ritual site.

Part 5:
Breaking in

Step 1:
Enter the fortress
Break the stone

Once you have deployed the rope, beacons and Arrav's heart, head over to the fortress south west.

You need to make your way inside, but the door has a combination lock on it, just to the east of the door is an armoured zombie, kill it and you will receive a code key and decoder strips. Once you have them, head back to the door and read your code key. It should give you 4 random letters. Open up the combination lock on the door and you will now see 4 decoder strips to the left, simply move them over the numbers corresponding with your code key.

Example: If your code key reads BCCI, move the first strip over row B and enter the number showing, move the second strip over row C and enter the number showing, now move strip 2 away and move the third strip over row C and enter the number showing, finally do the same for the fourth and last strip, move it over row I and enter the last number, the puzzle will close meaning you have completed it.

Now you're inside, but you need to do it all over again. Search the crate by the stairs for a new code key and get to work on unlocking one of the doors on the west side. You don't need new decoder strips, use your current ones. Once you have gained access to the long room, run to the north and search the crate, you find another key code.

Exit the room and go up the stairs to the east, this is the final door code you need to do, it's exactly the same as the last two. Once you're past the third and final door, run to the south and break the Obsidian stone.

Part 6:

Step 1:
Find the Stone of Jas
Fight General Khazard

Now you need to find the Stone of Jas, for this part you will need your ring of visibility and a heat globe.

To obtain your heat globe, you need to enter the castle you once entered during the Temple at Senntisten, the quest. Once you have entered the castle's dungeon, simply head to the south-west corner to find your heat globe (Picture).

Head far south of the ritual site till you can't go any further south and head east a little bit, with your ring of visibility equipped you should see a shadow pedestal.

Place your heat globe on the shadow pedestal, if you get a message saying you need to do something else, head a little way east and speak with Movario, once that is done, you can place the heat globe on the shadow pedestal.

The heat globe will melt a hole which you can enter.

A few steps ahead you have to fight General Khazard and Lucien, so don't enter unless you're stocked up on supplies for a fight.

Follow the path to the south west and you'll find the Stone of Jas, touch it and you will enter an epic cut scene, where Zamorak and Saradomin forces fight. When the cut scene is over, the screen will flash red and you will be teleported to meet Sir Tiffy Cashien.

You enter another cut scene and General Khazard shows up, after some talking a fight breaks out.

General Khazard is a large foe so take advantage of the trees to the north, if you move deep enough into the trees, he can't melee you, only mage you. Protect from Magic the entire time and you won't receive any damage.

However, during the fight he will summong Bouncers, which you can't attack, so run south into the herd of allies. If bouncers come close to Wahisietel, he will attack them and kill them within two to three hits. Run back up north to your safespot and range General Khazard until he is red-barred.

When he is red-barred you will enter another cut scene, and you're just moments away from fighting Lucien.

Part 7:
Final fights

Step 1:
Confront Lucien
Fight Enchanted Ice titans
Fight Ice demons
Fight Zombies and Arrav
Fixing the beacon

You now come face to face with Lucien and the main boss fights. After some dialogue Lucien will summon Enchanted Ice titans, 1 for each of the heroes and 2 for you.

Run immediately to the south and position yourself to the west of the tree near the bottom. When the Titans move on in, run immediately to the east past the tree. The Titans should get trapped behind the tree and you can range them at your leisure. The only thing you need to watch out for is Lucien's magical attack. When you see the black bolt coming, take two to three steps to the east or the west. Range the titans the entire time.

Now you have despatched of those, Lucien will summon Ice demons, again two for you to fight.

Use the same strategy you used against the Enchanted Ice titans, but this time the Ice demons have three attacks. Protect against Magic and eat rocktails as you take damage from the Ranged attacks. The third attack makes stalactite surround you, if you get trapped, attack one to make your way out as Lucien's magic attack hits very hard and fast.

Once those are dead, the Mahjarrat start to appear and help Lucien. Now you must fight Armoured Zombie's and Arrav.

Ignore all the other Mahjarrat and attack the group of zombies the Barrow Brothers are fighting. Once they're dead, Arrav will appear. Attack Arrav while dodging Lucien's magical attacks and eventually he will walk towards you. If the compass is facing with north upwards, run north of the rocks where you stashed his heart earlier and then run down directly southwest of the heart, Arrav will walk just to the north of you, see his heart and attack Zemouregal.

When Zemouregal has died, a Glacor will be summoned.

Turn on Protection against Magic and ignore the monster. Head straight to the beacon parts on the ground, collect them all, click one of them in your inventory to repair it and use it on the southern tree.

Part 8:
Fiery finish

Step 1:
Finishing the quest

When you have repaired and placed the beacon back on the tree, a cut scene will occur. The power will be restored to the Mahjarrat and Lucien will summon the Stone of Jas. After he has touched the stone for it's power, the Dragonkin will appear and kill Lucien, thus scaring the other Mahjarrat away.

After some talking Sir Tiffy Cashien will teleport you away, and you end up in Draynor Village where the Dragonkin are killing everyone and destroying everything in sight. Make your way around Draynor Village and the cut scene will end with the Dragonkin warning you this is what's to come.

You end up in front of Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador park, you ask him what just happened but he has no recollection of it, after a bit more talking you have finished the Quest, well done.

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